Product Description – vernee M7

In September 2017, with the official release of iPhone X, “special-shaped screen” also came along to people’s attention. The full screen design is likely to usher outbreak in 2018, and become a standard of smartphones. Recently, what surprised us is that brand vernee will release their first device with the “special-shaped screen”– M7.
M7 belongs to the series M of the vernee product line, which is focusing on producing exquisite products but with cost effective price. It combines the latest trend design and the mainstream configuration perfectly. It is the best choice for young users.
On the front side of M7 there is a 19.5: 9 full screen to provide more effective pictures and contents. The screen is ultra thin with the size of 5.8”and the aspect ratio of 2: 1. Using the incell technology, the display layer and the touch layer can fit together closely, so the screen appears to be very transparent and bright. On the back the cameras are placed in the center vertically with the fingerprint sensor located below, which meets the symmetrical aesthetics.

On the configuration, M7 is equipped with Octa-core 64-bit CUP, 4GB big storage, whichcan provide a smooth and fast using experience; 16MP +8MP rear dual camera and 5MP front camera with the support of smart beauty features, thecamera performance is also very good. Beside, with the battery capacity of 4500mAh, power-saving mode and fast charging function, it’s fairly obvious that it could last a desired day for you without any problem. What’s more, the M7 supports Bluetooth, dual-band WIFI, and the operation system runs Android 8.1.

There are three colors for M7 – black, blue and gold. All the colors will be shown at the MWC2018. In addition to the “special-shaped screen”, there will be more surprises at the scene, let’s wait and see!

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    Will there models based of chipsets Helio P22, P40, P60, P70 expected?

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    When will the phone appear on the market and at what price?

  11. rosmiller 19/04/2018 at pm9:02 - Reply

    queria saber se vai tem alguma atualização para o vernee m5?

  12. Ayo 25/03/2018 at pm5:47 - Reply

    Do you guys have a branch in Nigeria?

  13. RODRIGUES 22/03/2018 at am3:05 - Reply

    What is your top model and where can i buy your products in Portugal?

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