Product Description – vernee V2

Every year the MWC (known as Mobile World Congress) is always the leading mark of the future development strategy. As one of the most influence event of the mobile area, new ideas and new technologies come out one after another at the congress. Among them, rugged phone is definitely one of the most worth seeing part. What excited us is that vernee, the smartphone brand from China will release a new rugged flagship model – vernee V2.

Vernee V2 belongs to the series V under the brand vernee. Series V is the new series focusing on light and business style rugged phone, which was founded in the end of 2017. Different from the traditional expensive but with a lower configuration rugged phone, and in the premise of the IP68 proof level, the series V products are slim, light and beautiful like the mainstream smartphones on the market. Series V products changed the old look of traditional rugged phone, they can not only meet the harsh environment of outdoor sports, but also work well in the business.

Vernee V2 not only continues the features of series V products, but also improved and upgraded in the appearance, camera and other details. Finally in the premise of the IP68 waterproof level, the vernee V2 got 18:9 all screen and four cameras design, which made V2 upgrade to a new height.

On the other configurations, the vernee V2 will equip with Helio P23 processor and 6GB RAM +128GB ROM big storage, 6200mAh big battery to satisfy daily using requirement, and with the 16MP + 5MP rear cameras and 13MP + 5MP front camera users will get amazing photographs. What’s more, the V2 supports fast charging, NFC, Bluetooth, GMS and Android 8.1.

Nowadays mobile phone users not only can be satisfied with the performance and appearance of phones, waterproof, dustproof and anti-drop functions have also been the focus to many users. Vernee V2 is not only light and beautiful, but also has a strong configuration and good protection capabilities, there is no doubt that V2 will be satisfied by many outdoor users. If you are interested in V2, please come to the vernee booth to learn more.

  1. Acacia789h 18/12/2019 at pm5:29 - Reply

    Product Description – Vernee V2 is very beautiful and striking. I am quite impressed with this phone.

  2. xelacarre 02/02/2019 at am8:44 - Reply

    Buen dìa, por favor me podrían suministrar el FCC ID del vernee v2 pro, lo necesito para que no me bloqueen el equipo en Colombia y asi registrarlo ante el ente regulador.

    • PaulBarros 28/03/2019 at am2:53 - Reply

      Buenas tardes tengo el mismo problema en Ecuador…. conseguiste el FCC ID?

  3. rantipenkov 22/08/2018 at pm10:20 - Reply

    Good afternoon! Tell me when will the new software for the camera on the smartphone v2pro? The smartphone is very good, but the cameras work poorly, especially in the dark.

  4. Gabriel Weldon 28/04/2018 at am11:33 - Reply

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat with the 4 cameras and the larger battery. I own the Active and it’s an awesome phone. The V2 is next on my list if it will support AT&T LTE CAT6 here in the US. The minute the sim card was in my Active it got full LTE4 VOLTE onscreen but the next day no data and only 3G. NBD. I’m going to buy a dedicated hotspot so the phone uses only wifi which will be much better anyways.

  5. H.S. 30/03/2018 at pm5:20 - Reply

    What a nice en pretty device. To bad it has no wireless charging. Wireless charging is nessesary to keep the USB port at his best.

  6. Marcel 13/03/2018 at pm11:20 - Reply


    will there be an android update to 8.0/8.1 vor Vernee-Active or just for the new Vernee-V2/Vernee-Apollo2?
    I´m wondering about and I found no answer for this question before.

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