Within $129.99, Vernee Thor is the smartphone that delivers the world’s best display performance!

On-screen Comparison with iPhone 6s :

Off-screen Display Comparison:

Scenario 1:
Crosswise comparison in highlight environment:
With screen reflection totally avoided, we let the 3 devices display the unobservable off-screen integration.


We can see from the close shot that iPhone 6s has the best off-screen integration, Vernee Thor comes second, and the Moto X the last.

lb7a0482 副本_副本

Scenario 2:
360°light environment, symmetrical contrast with equal light projecting on each device

In this scenario, Vernee Thor and iPhone 6s have almost the same off-screen integration, and Moto X lags much behind.

LB7A0488 副本_副本

Scenario 3:
With light projection on the top of the three 2.5D screens, iPhone 6s and Vernee Thor both win also in terms of viewing effects.

From top to bottom: Vernee Thor, iPhone 6S, Moto X

LB7A0498 副本

Scenario 4:
Single-side highlights projecting equally on the three devices, and the result is obvious.

LB7A0510 副本_副本

LB7A0511 副本_副本


Vernee Thor main spec:

MT6753 8-core LTE chipset
5.0 inch on-cell HD arc display
5.0mp front camera
13.0mp rear camera
2800mAh with 5V2A quick charge

Launch Date:
April 2016

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