Thor Plus:the innovator of big battery?

Early in 2017, during the MWC exhibition, vernee showed an innovative product – the vernee Thor Plus. The biggest selling point which the big battery fit in the slim phone body has attracted many attentions by the Medias. Today, we got the first information about the Thor Plus.

We are not very sure about the changes of Thor Plus, but from the Vernee official website we can make sure that there are two features of the Thor Plus: the 6200mAh big battery and Super Amoled screen. From the picture, we can see that the whole phone body is very slim. We are waiting for more details from vernee official.

Also there is a video from the official website, it is said the Thor Plus is going to change the “thick, heavy, ugly” which were the three tags of the traditional big battery Smartphones. There is no doubt that it is the innovation of the big battery Smartphones. We look forward to see what surprise vernee Thor Plus will bring to us.

The official price of Vernee Thor Plus is $169.99. There is an activity on the main website said to get the $20 off coupon for purchasing the Thor Plus, which you can get the phone for $149.99 when pre-order. If you are interested in, please check the website:

  1. yukikato 19/03/2019 at am5:26 - Reply

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  2. Roberto 31/10/2017 at pm8:22 - Reply

    I have Thor plus and in night photography and with low ambient light the photos are so dark that they can not be used. We trust a firmware update as soon as possible.

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