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www.pcadvisor.co.uk Vernee Mars review: A good budget Android phone with an even better design check the review ww.gizmochina.com I have to say that it succeeds in quite a few ways since the device has a premium all-metal design, excellent build quality, and nice and sharp display. check the review www.gizchina.com Vernee has created an extremely compelling phone in the Vernee Mars check the review

December 2 , 2016 | By: vernee
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As a strong competitor of Snapdragon, MTK launched 2 deca-core flagship products this year - Helio X20 / X25. Both chipsets are very popular among the renowned brands, which launched their deca-core models one after another, for example, Meizu Pro 6/6S, LeEco Le 2 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Pro. Vernee, after released its first deca-core model - Apollo Lite (Helio X20, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM), finally brought another deca-core smartphone - Vernee Apollo (powered by deca-core Helio X25 CPU) to the market. This model is branded as the first MTK VR smartphone. Vernee Apollo comes with 5.5 inch 2K (2560x1440p) display,......

November 2 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Vernee Mars was launched in September, and the shipment started long ago. Thanks to its all metal design, high screen-to-body ratio and smooth operation experience, Vernee Mars has gained a lot of attention from both media and end users. Recently, we are going to roll out the first OTA update for Mars, which will optimize the camera performance further, improve the fingerprint sensor accuracy and fix some other bugs. Main optimization and fixes: 1. Optimized audio output, including the volume and quality. 2. Optimized the rear camera and improved the camera performance in low light environment. 3. Optimized the fingerprint......

October 12 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Vernee, since the foundation, has been clinging to the motto of “serve the customers heart and soul”. And the ongoing update service Vernee offers to the end users has showcased its resolution to become a brand worth the consumer’s trust. So far, Vernee has launched two products, Vernee Thor and Vernee Apollo Lite with deca-core configuration. For Thor, Vernee has rolled out 5 OTA updates, and the 6th is on the way. Below are the major fixes and optimizations for this Update: 1. Fixed the problem that WiFi name may contain special characters. 2. Addressed the probabilistic rebooting issue. 3. Updated the APN list. 4. Enhanced the compatibility of third party camera apps. 5. Improved the compatibility of third party apps. 6. Enhanced the charging safety. One more thing, the kernel code of Vernee Apollo Lite will be......

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Nowadays fingerprint sensor has become a must-have for a smartphone, no matter it is entry-level, mid-range or even high end. According to some research, the frequency of people unlocking their phones is nearly 80 times per day. Every time of using the fingerprint sensor is a touch on the high technology. With the smartphone design diversified a lot, the fingerprint sensors gradually fall into two groups, one installed on the bottom of the screen, and the other located on the up-middle of back cover. At present, people like the smartphone thinner and lighter. And differently targeted smartphones will adopt different......

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In-cell technology emerged in 2012 and has been applied widely thanks to the promotion of iPhone. In-cell technology refers to a standard of displays that allows mobile devices, such as smartphones, to have thinner form factors. In-cell displays are revolutionary in that they combine a digitizer, use touch input, and integrate an LCD screen into a single-layer display. To any display manufacturer, it’s not easy to adopt this technology into mass production. That’s why the cost of In-cell screen is higher. In-cell screen features a lighter and thinner glass layer. That’s why the thickness of smartphones can be reduced further,......

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On September 20th, vernee held the new release conference of Mars in Shenzhen. Vernee’s partner MTK attended the conference and released the details of its coming product - Helio X30. According to MTK product manager, the Helio X30 will be the first CPU adopting 10nm technology. It will still use the three cluster deca-core framework, namely 2*Cortex-A73 (2.8GHz) +4*Cortex-A53 (2.3GHz) +4* Cortex-A35 (2.0GHz). It will also come with IMG 7XTP-MT4@820MHz. Compared with Helio X20, Helio X30’s performance will enhance by 43%, while the power consumption will be lowered by 53%. Vernee also debut its all new flagship Apollo on the......

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Since Samsung took the lead in manufacturing big-screen smartphones, more and more smartphone makers started to enlarge the screen size of their products. Nowadays, most smartphones are sized between 5.0 to 6.0 inches, and 5.5 inch smartphones are the majority. Large-size screen brings better displaying effects of the multimedia contents. Meanwhile, with bigger screens, people can manage more things, which increases the diversified demands of people towards smartphones. However, every coin has two sides. Even though large size screen brings so much convenience, it confronts us with the problem of awful single-handed operation. With the development of smartphones, we want......

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As a newly launched international brand, vernee held the release conference of its new model - Mars on September 20th in Shenzhen, China. Vernee Mars, featuring the thinnest frame and all metal design, will become a strong rival of iPhone 7 and pose a challenge to Nubia Z11 and OPPO R9. On the conference, Vernee’s CEO Jacky introduced vernee brand at length, including its background and strategy. He stated that vernee owns powerful industrial chain and that vernee is a company which integrates development, manufacturing and sales. Meanwhile Vernee is also an important partner of MTK. Adopting a similar mode......

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The presale of vernee Apollo Lite is drawing to a close and the shipment of pre-orders will start soon. As one of the few deca-core smartphones in 2016, many more Apollo Lite real photos finally come out of surface. For a high-end smartphone, people usually pay great attention to its decent specifications and neglect the appearance and industry design. However, vernee has never neglected these and shows a great craftmanship in the two aspects. This time, vernee made a comparison between its coming flagship Apollo Lite and the newly launched Oneplus 3. This video will give you a basic understanding......


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