1.Leave a comment about what is your favorite part of the vernee X1.

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee X1 for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

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5.Campaign time: April. 12 to 24, 2018.

  1. margus.1987 16/04/2018 at pm5:56 - Reply

    I like this phone. 50 apps running very strongest phone.
    Thanks team Vernee is best team.

  2. nandomore 16/04/2018 at pm5:29 - Reply

    There are others and then there is Verne

  3. sigti 16/04/2018 at pm3:21 - Reply

    … Il punto di forza é sicuramente la batteria … durata e velocità di ricarica …

  4. chadkro.moreno 16/04/2018 at pm3:10 - Reply

    Very good phones

  5. kosiarzxiii 16/04/2018 at pm3:03 - Reply

    I think that the great advantages of X1 is a large battery and 6 GB of RAM. Certainly these parameters leave the competition behind. I think the owners of this phone will not want to exchange it for anything else.

  6. Sherryplus 16/04/2018 at pm2:53 - Reply

    I love the dual cameras on the front part, that’s very rare to see on phones. Vernee has a big chance to wreck competitor’s sales with its new phone being sold at a great price!

  7. Black-Byte 16/04/2018 at pm2:34 - Reply


    very nice phone. Interessting price point. Hardware looks great, software implementation must be tested 😉


  8. alibabamosu 16/04/2018 at pm2:14 - Reply

    I like the battery but the most one that I like is: that is not a samsung phone, because It not worth the money.

  9. obras.itanhaem 16/04/2018 at pm2:12 - Reply

    I bought my Vernee X this week, I still have not mastered its various functions, but without doubt his battery was a little out of the ordinary, my old cell phone was the Samsung S7, you can say anything, I’m not aware of my exchange.

  10. bugaviciusrokas804 16/04/2018 at pm1:38 - Reply

    Hi, I mostly like it because this is good China phone and with it you can do every functions that you need.

  11. marcocram987 16/04/2018 at am11:11 - Reply

    This is a great smartphone with its specs and its perfect design, but the feature i really love is its huge battery!

  12. ljnobre 16/04/2018 at am10:51 - Reply

    Vernee X1 is the perfect balance between price and high effective performance, with 6GB of RAM to run all the apps we want without glitches, and good storage with 64Gb and a recent Mediatek processor. Beside all of this we have a new design that respects the new trends on mobile, and huge battery. Vernee made a great job with this device.

    • ljnobre 16/04/2018 at am10:53 - Reply

      My favorite part is the balance between specs, it has all I new for a daily usage. Great battery and great memory.

  13. Petruskaa 16/04/2018 at am6:19 - Reply

    My favourite part of this phone is that it has very good hardware with big display and the most important part is the enormous battery which makes possible to use it’s abilities without charging it every 5 hours. That is really significant because many flagship phones has wonderful hardware and fancy display but it is in vain if we cant use it as we want because its battery is like in a middle-ranged one.

  14. ahmadtmndaya 16/04/2018 at am2:43 - Reply

    I love all part of vernee x1 but my most top 6 favourites are (from bottom to top) :

    6) 6 inches screen.
    5) Battery 6200 mah.
    4) Camera rear 16mp + 5mp, front 13mp + 5mp.
    3) Face ID.
    2) Processor Helio P23.
    1) Memory 6 gb RAM and 64 gb ROM.

    Vernee X1 is great for multitasking apps, playing games, selfie, snap photo, playing games and can stay longer with huge battery power. Dont forget the security lock with finger print and face recognition. One of the superb smartphone this day.

  15. nr.googy 16/04/2018 at am1:58 - Reply

    Everything is awesome and the best one is Hello P23 in it!

    • aghilforall 16/04/2018 at am2:26 - Reply

      I won the verneeX1 its a dream come true.😊

  16. matt18 16/04/2018 at am12:42 - Reply

    Very beautifull and powerfull smarphone!

  17. simone.zorzetto 15/04/2018 at pm10:22 - Reply

    Amazing product! I must to buy one!

  18. mofoxp2 15/04/2018 at pm9:15 - Reply

    Devo per forza averlo….imperdibile

  19. shan.b87 15/04/2018 at pm7:35 - Reply

    Hi guys, I like this mobile becoz of battery. It is awesome.

  20. fridelain 15/04/2018 at pm6:51 - Reply

    It works, unlike my current phone.

    I can’t even afford your cheapest offering, and am waiting for job related calls.

  21. MESMOUDI MOHAMED 15/04/2018 at pm3:23 - Reply

    update vernee x

  22. Gonzalo Ponce 15/04/2018 at am6:55 - Reply

    me encanta su potencia y bateria

  23. santonioy 15/04/2018 at am6:17 - Reply

    Hello everybody.
    This smartphone has an amazing design.
    I love the 18:9 screen, huge battery and RAM/Storage.
    Thank you vernee for creating another great VFM smartphone.

  24. ItsMePlex 15/04/2018 at am4:50 - Reply

    I think that I have never seen mobile like this one. Specs are at the top. Price is sooo cheap, I don’t know how they even get a profit haha. I would be so happy and appreciate the whole Vernee developer, designer, manager and other team. Hope that Vernee will be at the top of budget phones soon. Have a great day!

  25. efem100.4 14/04/2018 at pm11:39 - Reply

    design and technology. best combintions in this phone. I love vernee phones.

  26. leorussonero 14/04/2018 at pm10:40 - Reply

    Without doubt the vernee is the best cell phone that exists when it comes to technology and cost-benefit, bold phone with impeccable quality. I always want to be a Vernee consumer, there is no better one.

  27. foxinhari5527 14/04/2018 at pm7:15 - Reply

    hello team
    vernee is one of the world greatest mobile
    and i like the whole thing in the mobile
    and the main thing is ram and battery life these two items are tooo good
    and present world looking for best selfie mobiles
    and i choose vernee for it
    and the most useful feature is face looking
    and the style of the mobile is unique
    when we hold vernee mobile on hand it gives grandure for us
    and i congrates the whole team of vernee
    thanks giving wonderful mobile to market

  28. dadyismyhero1234 14/04/2018 at pm6:57 - Reply

    hello team
    i like the interface of the mobile and camera of the mobile
    i like the design of the mobile and the colour
    and wallpapers
    and the team of vernee
    i wish whole team of vernee for giving wonderful phone
    thanks team
    and i wish iwill will the mobile
    thanks team of vernee

  29. hosszuvaskos 14/04/2018 at pm5:52 - Reply

    Hy Guys! As far as I am concerned it is a hard thing to chose only one favourite part of a complex smartphone like the Vernee X1. Because the design is attractive, the SoC is powerful enough to handle even heavy games, he battery is huge and the RAM/storage option is pretty good! So among others these are my favourite features of this smartphone!

  30. balsen 14/04/2018 at pm5:41 - Reply

    this smartphone is beautiful China has become unchallenged masters in the design and manufacture of high technology.
    what I like in this smartphone is especially the 6-inch screen and facial recognition and the huge battery.
    It only needs to integrate the nfc and it will be perfect.
    thank you

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