1.Guess the real meaning of “Dual” for Vernee MIX 2 and leave us a comment.

2.Join the campaign, and share the campaign page on your SNS pages or forums.

3.Write down your review channels in the comment, we will pick up 100 lucky reviewers randomly.

4.Winners list will be announced at vernee official website before October. 15th For the winners we will send you the buying process through email.

  1. Nuno Rainho 25/09/2017 at am1:19 - Reply

    Menor preço mais qualidade…

  2. Manuel 25/09/2017 at am1:15 - Reply

    Pienso que es sobre las cámaras dual trasera y
    dual delantera

  3. Jesus Catena Muñoz 25/09/2017 at am1:14 - Reply

    Excelente combinación,doble cámara, duración de la batería doble,sistema de audio doble

  4. Jesus Catena Muñoz 25/09/2017 at am1:11 - Reply

    Dual en batería,doble cámara,doble resolución,estupendo

  5. Johan Alphons 25/09/2017 at am1:08 - Reply

    A verry nice Phone the Vernee Mix2, dual camera 13 + 5 MP back and 8 MP front.
    I want him verry much. On it has a 10/10 value for money.
    Thank you in advance for $99,99

  6. Swapnil sunil palande 25/09/2017 at am1:02 - Reply

    Dual means dual screen and 2 means 2 days lasting battey life

  7. Jesus Catena Muñoz 25/09/2017 at am1:01 - Reply

    Cámara doble,dobles altavoces, resolución de pantalla

  8. Jesus Catena Muñoz 25/09/2017 at am12:59 - Reply

    Dual en todo,completo

  9. ABASAHEB 25/09/2017 at am12:43 - Reply


  10. Pavel 25/09/2017 at am12:30 - Reply

    Dual means dual cameras on the front and dual cameras in back sides.

  11. Jhonatan 25/09/2017 at am12:27 - Reply

    Dual en todo!!! Hasta la resolución de la pantalla.

    • Jesus Catena Muñoz 25/09/2017 at am1:07 - Reply

      Dual doble,doble cámara,doble resolución, doble duración de la batería,doble vernee

  12. Hicham 25/09/2017 at am12:03 - Reply

    Double glass faces, better as Galaxy note 8

  13. Antal Ciprian Beniamin 24/09/2017 at pm11:50 - Reply

    Bezel-less , dual camera , 6 inch , 18:9 format .Excelent

  14. serkan 24/09/2017 at pm11:44 - Reply

    Dual selfie cam yeahh :))

  15. aoltra3 24/09/2017 at pm11:44 - Reply

    Cámara dual, altavoces dobles, sistema dual, pantalla
    dual, cristal doble, chipsets dobles, pantalla dual …¡Excelente!

  16. serkan özgül 24/09/2017 at pm11:42 - Reply

    I Think dual OS best 🙂

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