1.Leave a comment about how do you like the vernee X.  

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee X for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

4.Only subscribe users can join the campaign.

5.Campaign time: Dec. 12 to 24, 2017.

  1. Tony K 25/12/2017 at am6:02

    Wish i can afford the Vernee X i love the specs and design of this wonder phone.

  2. Norbert Eustachi 25/12/2017 at am5:39

    this phone proves that it is not necessary to buy a IPhone X or Samsung S8. And to save a lot of money….

  3. CLAUDIO GUELFI 25/12/2017 at am5:16

    Assolutamente bello, non vedo l’ora di provarlo.

  4. CLAUDIO GUELFI 25/12/2017 at am5:15

    Veramente bello. Non vedo l’ora di provarlo.

  5. Di Bari Giuseppe Fabio 25/12/2017 at am5:09

    Ottimo cellulare caratterizzato da alte prestazioni con prezzo concorrenziale molto interessante!!

  6. Paulo 25/12/2017 at am5:08

    Amazing phone! I hardly can wait to have mine!
    Merry Christmas for all

  7. tolya 25/12/2017 at am4:50

    vernee рулит

  8. jbfondo 25/12/2017 at am4:36

    Merry christmas! I love this phone.

  9. Krzysztof 25/12/2017 at am4:25

    iphone x eats jealousy 😖

  10. Kalis 25/12/2017 at am4:13

    I like Vernee X because it’s simply a beast!! Great hardware, design, battery and price, what do you want more?? An helicopter?? X-D

  11. Zdenko 25/12/2017 at am4:02

    Mobil phone is beautiful with good performances. It looks like a million dollars and I want it in my hands for New Year. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone

    • Zdenko 25/12/2017 at am4:57

      In Croatia is still 24.12.2017. so we are in game. It is now 21:57

  12. ArthurSmela 25/12/2017 at am3:33

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  13. hssilva21 25/12/2017 at am3:21

    Telefone de ótima qualidade e custo benefício muito bom.

  14. SEZGİN 25/12/2017 at am2:57

    Kalitenin adı vernee
    Aradığınz tüm özellikler bu telefonda
    Bu telefonun eksiği yok fazlalığı var dostum
    Awesome vernee X
    Benim olurmusun 😍😍😍😍

  15. Edoardo 25/12/2017 at am2:55

    I love the new Vernee X for the very beautiful display!!!

  16. Airat 25/12/2017 at am2:52

    This is cool great smartphone, достойная конкуренция флагманам!

  17. SEZGİN 25/12/2017 at am2:47

    Kalitenin adı vernee
    Aradığınz tüm özellikler bu telefonda
    Bu telefonun eksiği yok fazlalığı var dostum
    Awesome verne x perfect 😍😍😍😍

  18. Debora 25/12/2017 at am2:29

    Achei ele super robusto

  19. Branislav Boskovic 25/12/2017 at am2:21

    I would like to buy X. If I win wul be nice.

  20. Mattt 25/12/2017 at am2:08

    Vernee x is the best price/quality phone i ever watched

  21. mehmetcayli057 25/12/2017 at am1:55

    Lütfen benim ol vernee x

  22. Deniz 25/12/2017 at am1:32

    impressive and flawless …

  23. Alberto Palummo 25/12/2017 at am1:28

    Sono curioso di provarlo. Dovrebbe essere perfetto e fantastico!!!

  24. panossd 25/12/2017 at am1:09

    I already own a vernee mix 2.. I am looking forward to it!!

  25. Alberto 25/12/2017 at am12:59

    Vernee X, its the most powerfull smartphone in this moment in the word, i like the big screen and the big battery inside the phone.

  26. elefterakiss 25/12/2017 at am12:40

    Best phone so far, Vernee turn out to be a “Must” in our everyday life! Merry Christmas!

  27. Theo 25/12/2017 at am12:30

    Super Super!!

  28. stefarneti 25/12/2017 at am12:15

    Vernee X you are extraordinary: beautiful and super-technological, at the best price on the market!

  29. MIGUEL ANGEL ESTÉVEZ 24/12/2017 at pm11:53

    este movil está a la altura de los móviles de gama alta, incorporando especificaciones
    hasta ahora nunca vistas como una bateria de 6.200, incluyendo carga rápida y un diseño
    bonito y eficiente, me lo quedo.

  30. Claudio Mariano 24/12/2017 at pm11:48

    Let’s get ready to take off with Vernee X: speed, capacity, aesthetics!

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