1.Write down your favorite configuration of Vernee MIX 2 or any idea about this model. 

2.Join the campaign, and share the campaign page on your SNS pages or forums.

3.We will pick up 100 lucky people randomly to buy the Vernee MIX 2 at only $99.99.

4.Winners list will be announced at vernee official website before October 30th.

5.For the winners we will send you the buying process through email.

  1. Marcelo Formico Jr. 17/10/2017 at am9:56 - Reply

    I want the Vernee Mix 2 Pro with 6gb RAM 64GB /128GB and MTK Helio X30.

  2. Nuno Martins 17/10/2017 at am8:53 - Reply

    Favourite configuration!

    6″” 18:9 2160*1080 and long battery life 4200mAh + fast charging.

  3. Bob 17/10/2017 at am8:20 - Reply

    I think that the display and battery are some of the best features of the phone. Great job Vernee!!!

  4. Juan 17/10/2017 at am7:54 - Reply

    Good price for all of this features.

  5. Qsymia 17/10/2017 at am7:53 - Reply

    Just how can this be?

  6. Sara 17/10/2017 at am7:50 - Reply

    I love Vernee brand phones, it has a good processor , I think this is the best screen size phone.

  7. Weight loss pills 17/10/2017 at am7:47 - Reply
  8. Phila fitness 17/10/2017 at am7:40 - Reply

    Exactly how can this be?

  9. Contrave 17/10/2017 at am7:29 - Reply

    I think you have something to say om this.

  10. jafar 17/10/2017 at am6:47 - Reply

    bezel less design and battery

  11. Andre 17/10/2017 at am6:21 - Reply

    4200 fast charging, fingerprint unlock 0.1 s

    it will be great to get a headphone jack!

  12. Edwino94 17/10/2017 at am6:03 - Reply

    I love chinese phones, I think this is the best screen size phone, and the resolution are perfect. I like the screen configuration, 6.0” 18:9 and 2160*1080

  13. Alex 17/10/2017 at am5:58 - Reply

    Simple and essential design. Other features that I consider important: Octa core processor paired with 4 GB of RAM, very powerful battery with its 4200 mAh, the13 MP camera and the front snapper that is powered by a CMOS image sensor, Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor.

  14. Edwin Aparicio 17/10/2017 at am5:34 - Reply

    The screen configuration, 6.0”, 18:9 & 2160*1080

  15. Michael 17/10/2017 at am5:29 - Reply

    6inch screen and 4200mah battery are the best for the price!!!

  16. Artur pirogkov 17/10/2017 at am5:00 - Reply

    It’s amazing. I want it.

  17. Sergey Vernee 17/10/2017 at am4:55 - Reply

    The main feature of this device: impeccable appearance, reliability, autonomy, the desire to acquire it. It is beautiful.

  18. Fidaim 17/10/2017 at am4:23 - Reply

    This smartphone loooks fantastic, i’am fan of Vernee Smartphones!

  19. Al Lee 17/10/2017 at am4:22 - Reply

    The six inch screen is the most important feature in this price range. Can’t wait till I get one to test it out!

  20. Mindaugas 17/10/2017 at am4:14 - Reply

    My favorite configuration of vernee mix 2
    6″” 18:9 2160*1080 and long battery life 4200mAh + fast charging. Its cool!!!

  21. Evandro Costa de Oliveira 17/10/2017 at am3:32 - Reply

    the vernee mix 2 have gorilla glass?

  22. Aicarop 17/10/2017 at am3:15 - Reply

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  23. megu 17/10/2017 at am2:53 - Reply

    I want to know it’s information.
    Does it have earphone jack?
    IS the width 76.2 mm?
    I want it to have earphone jack.

  24. Alex 17/10/2017 at am2:16 - Reply

    Wonderful design, strong core, great battery life!

  25. Pedro Garderes 17/10/2017 at am1:11 - Reply

    Loving the design. Not only the touch screen but also the rear camera ubication and the glass design. Also VOS makes great for it.

  26. Muhammad Abrar Khan 17/10/2017 at am12:31 - Reply

    varnee mix 2 bazel less smartphone. Huge battery and high resolution screen. An era of infinity future.

  27. SSS 17/10/2017 at am12:18 - Reply

    Cool and simple design, 6.0 inch, 2160 x 1080 Pixel screen, Dual camera, and wonderful price!

  28. Carlos Henrique Guarato Alves 17/10/2017 at am12:06 - Reply

    the 4200 mAh battery with pump express+ fast charging, how could vernee mix 2 put that big battery without make the phone looks bulky, good job vernee!!!!!!

  29. Nick 16/10/2017 at pm11:57 - Reply

    Great screen! I’d really appreciate a case in the bundle.

  30. Wawan Hermawan 16/10/2017 at pm11:33 - Reply

    i think the dual rear camera setup on vernee mix 2 is the best consider the price, the wide angle, double telephoto lenses with OIS is amazing, hope i can get one to test in real about how good the camera works.
    and the other things is the 4200 mAh battery with pump express+ fast charging, how could vernee mix 2 put that big battery without make the phone looks bulky, good job vernee.

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