1.Leave a comment about what is your favorite part of the vernee X1.

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee X1 for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

4.Only subscribe users can join the campaign.

5.Campaign time: April. 12 to 24, 2018.

  1. farsad_alex2001 21/04/2018 at pm5:13 - Reply

    Vernee has a very nice design and is well priced. I like very much Vernee products

  2. SV20SD09 21/04/2018 at pm3:06 - Reply

    I mean, the general aesthetic of the phone is really sharp and clean, coming from someone who had the Thor and loved it, only parting with it because someone knocked it out of my hand and smashed the screen. The best feature listed for me would be the 2.3Ghz processor, that alongside a nice 6 inch screen with an 18:9 ratio and the RAM/ROM specs would make for a nice upgrade.

  3. sepulchre85 21/04/2018 at am4:19 - Reply

    Hey vernee!

    My favorite part of the X1 model is the 4 camera concept: 16mp+5mp rear + 13mp+5mp front camera and the fast charging 6200mAh battery.
    Keep up the good work!

    Zài jiàn/ Joigin / Viszlát

  4. geoyul_fany 21/04/2018 at am12:26 - Reply

    Big RAM and storage for gaming, big screen for youtube, big battery for everything and most important is good price

  5. mahmoudnaser295 20/04/2018 at pm8:35 - Reply

    every thing in this flagship is very breliant

  6. Jorgegroks 20/04/2018 at pm8:03 - Reply

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  7. cr3ik 20/04/2018 at pm5:51 - Reply

    Hello vernee!
    It’s been a long time now I have a vernee mars pro and enjoy use it every day!

    But on a Saturday night, a terrible things happen during a small apero with my friends! A things that hurt my entire life of vernee lover!
    I just broke the glass of my lovely mars pro! A phone that survive from the military service with me… He still lives but I know he want me to stop using him and let him die because he is actually suffering a lot! So I’m trying to win your vernee X1! That would be a perfect replacement for me and my mars pro!

    Thanks by the way for your amazing product! Still using my mars pro with his broken glass but would be amazing to have a new and still enjoying your product!

    From a vernee lover 💕

  8. harrychrono 20/04/2018 at am7:32 - Reply

    i love all these features of VERNEE X1 in this fantastic price of $199,99

  9. Axarayli Genc 20/04/2018 at am5:52 - Reply

    my favorite parts of vernee x1 are these unbreakable killet facts:

    6GB+64GB memory combo
    6-inch 18:9 FHD+ screen with screen-to-body ratio of 83.8%,
    octa-core Helio P23 processor,
    16MP+5MP dual rear cameras,
    13MP+5MP front dual selfie cams,
    6200 mAh
    just $199.99

    thats best price for best faeaures

  10. gtb.soporte.tecnico 20/04/2018 at am5:15 - Reply

    Su RAM, almacenamiento, cámara y batería hacen que sea un equipo PRO!

  11. poipoimaxime 20/04/2018 at am4:15 - Reply

    The vernee X1 is the perfect phone. I’m crazy about the CPU and the camera. I would like to change my vernee Thor with the vernee X1. Vernee forever !!!!!!

  12. eliasbbl 20/04/2018 at am4:02 - Reply

    Screen,battery, processor, ram,storage!!!

  13. georfar 20/04/2018 at am3:44 - Reply

    i like screen battery and face id!!!

  14. em.asimakis 20/04/2018 at am2:16 - Reply

    The people DID IT.! what to say about screen and battery processor, ram and …. FACE ID
    Excellent job. I wish … win it.

  15. alvarofpcmc 20/04/2018 at am1:14 - Reply

    The battery and the 18:9 display <3

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  18. chemagj7 19/04/2018 at pm6:52 - Reply

    I love the battery… I want change my Samsung for this Phone. I want to test Vernee for first time 🙂

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