One-hand grip
Metal body
6.9mm super slim
18:9 all screen


1.Leave a comment about how do you like the vernee M6. 

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee M6 for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email. 

4.Only subscribe users can join the campaign. 

5.Campaign time: 3.16-3.30, 2018

  1. innamoratissimoI 21/03/2018 at am3:28 - Reply

    Vernee M6 has very nice specs and is very elegant. I would like it as my next smartphone!

  2. mastermast15 20/03/2018 at pm8:42 - Reply

    Super nice phone! 😀 i wish i had one :c
    i hate my samsung

  3. angelo.marques 20/03/2018 at pm7:38 - Reply

    A beautiful cell phone with an excellent value I need one M6

  4. adrian.bogoi 20/03/2018 at pm4:01 - Reply

    Nice phone! I have a vernee Apollo Lite!! And I’m very satisfied!! Nice camera ,good processor…the fast charging is very useful! And the quality it’s one of the best !! Carry on like untill now !!! Gj!

  5. benaventebiker_007 20/03/2018 at pm3:25 - Reply

    Tiene buena pinta!!! Buena RAM, buen procesador, una batería decente, la pantalla excelente. Tuve el Apollo lite. Parece un gran móvil relación calidad precio, a la altura de competidores como xiaomi

  6. sorincernev 20/03/2018 at pm2:37 - Reply


    I have from 2016 a Vernee Apollo Lite wich is very good and for me Vernee is the best for raport quality-price.

  7. keymaker.7 20/03/2018 at pm12:36 - Reply

    I like Vernee, all models are uniques and specials!

  8. emiliomunivel 20/03/2018 at am8:54 - Reply

    A very strong competitor on the market, Vernee has designed a new beast. Power and elegance

  9. Mufor 20/03/2018 at am8:46 - Reply

    Vernee tiene una buena calidad de smartphones, me sorprende que este nuevo M6 tenga una pantalla con un rato 18:9
    Por sus especificaciones más que suficientes para el día a día y su sistema muy bien optimizado con apariencia pura es exelente

  10. Joao Rainha 20/03/2018 at am7:05 - Reply

    I love my phone, it’s great, good battery, thin, light, good room for new apps, one thing, ILOVEMYVERNEEM5

  11. claudiuvecerdea 20/03/2018 at am3:32 - Reply

    I like the 4 gb of ram.

  12. nivekleiru 20/03/2018 at am2:52 - Reply

    Is a great, for price and performance.

  13. ruicaturrinho 20/03/2018 at am2:48 - Reply

    Muito bom. Eu quero

  14. peppe_8900 20/03/2018 at am2:13 - Reply

    good phone , Lo voglio vincere XDXD

  15. re4_31 20/03/2018 at am1:47 - Reply

    el nuevo Vernee M6 pinta como un smartphone destinado a cubrir las necesidades de cualquier usuario, suficiente memoria RAM para ejecutar aplicaciones sin problema alguno, diseño elegantey lo más importante, abrir el mercado en Latinoamérica a otras compañías como Vernee que son capaces de ofrecer una buena relación calidad-precio. El nuevo M6 apunta a ser un acertado lanzamiento por parte de Vernee

  16. Juanchomolina97 20/03/2018 at am1:17 - Reply

    El vernee m6 pero da la impresión de ser un excelente teléfono de gama media capaz de competir con cualquier otro del mercado, con un diseño elegante y buenos componentes, tales como una cámara excelente capaz de enfocar en 0.2s, buena capacidad de RAM y amplia memoria interna todo lo que un usuario necesita para estar satisfecho con su smartphone!!

  17. Krasnograd13 19/03/2018 at pm10:35 - Reply

    very good smartphone

  18. Rado SPP 19/03/2018 at pm6:52 - Reply

    Vernee znamená v slovenskom jazyku verne (verný). Ako prvý Vernee som kúpil model Thor. Neskôr som sa poobzeral po smartfóne s väčším displayom a vyšším výkonom. Zostal som verný značke Vernee s kúpil som model Mars Pro. Som s ním spokojný. Výkon ohromný. Čo mi ale prekáža je čítačka odtlačku prstu na boku… Ovládanie čítačky na Thor bolo bezchybné. Model Vernee M6 spája výhody ešte väčšieho displayu, čítačky na zadnej strane a vyššieho výkonu. Rád zostanem značke Vernee verný. To je dôvod, prečo chcem M6 vyhrať. 😉

  19. arnaudgarnier86 19/03/2018 at pm6:25 - Reply

    I like the Vernee M6 very much !

  20. Andrey Malikov 19/03/2018 at pm3:58 - Reply

    Hello. Just want to say that I communicate with you through an interpreter, I myself am from Russia. Therefore, my English at a poor level can be.
    I suggest that you cooperate.
    I have VERNEE THOR PLUS. And recently it fell and the display crashed on it. The phone itself is working, only the screen is broken. This is very bad news for me. Because I love this phone. I offer you barter.
    I can send you a broken phone to your warehouse by mail. And you will send me the same new, working phone.
    In return, I will make you the most powerful PR for the Russian audience. The fact is that I have an audience of more than 5.5 million people in the social network vkontakte. The audience is all Russian.
    I will make you an advertising placement throughout this audience of your new VERNEE products.
    I really hope that you will meet me half way. And we can cooperate and I will have a working phone, and you have advertising among 5.5 million people. Waiting for your reply

  21. syukurund124 19/03/2018 at am3:15 - Reply

    For me, Vernee M6 is most very incredible and look so awesome. Why??? Because this phone has featured with best camera 13 MP on front, 16 MP on rear,big and long lasting battery with capaciti 3500mAh 4/64 RAM and ROM,fingerprint,and frosted metal body. Its look so perfect for me and for everyone.

  22. gas_rus 19/03/2018 at am2:45 - Reply

    it is really smart!

  23. sukman 18/03/2018 at pm7:46 - Reply

    The phone is modern and has a beautiful view. I wish everyone good luck

  24. crulakers 18/03/2018 at pm7:31 - Reply

    Esplêndido, magnífico! O Vernee M6 é o que há de mais espetacular, acabamento formidável é um processador de última geração, retratam o a evolução da telefonia móvel Mundial. Um sonho de consumo de todos!

  25. Cristian Alin Iorga 18/03/2018 at pm6:10 - Reply

    Salut ! Sunt din Romania și pe 31.03.2018 este ziua mea de naștere și mi-aș dori din toată inima sa primesc cadou un smartphone Vernee din partea voastră . Va doresc mult succes și la multi ani pentru cei doi ani de la înființarea companiei Vernee in 2016 ! Vernee the Best ! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  26. rednicoliver 18/03/2018 at pm4:44 - Reply

    I love vernee and i would like to win

  27. Rodrigo Modesto 18/03/2018 at pm12:20 - Reply

    A beautiful cell phone, powerful and charming.

  28. kreemer 18/03/2018 at am12:53 - Reply

    This is an excellent value phone that shots well above it’s price.
    First, it’s a great design, very slim with beautiful materials. The glass is scratch-resistant and has a lovely coating on it that feels smooth to scroll on.
    The metal and construction is put together with very low tolerances so there are no squeezes, there’s no give in the body, very solid and the joints are seamless. It’s a gorgeous phone to hold.
    Vernee have done an excellent job with the battery without throttling performance so you get a full days use running at high capacity with fast, jitterless performance.
    And finally, as always, is the dual SIM setup which allows 4G on both cards.

    This is a wonderful looking phone with great performance and excellent battery life. A+

  29. moazrin83 17/03/2018 at pm11:53 - Reply

    Superb nice cool 🙂 🙂 🙂

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