1.Leave a comment about what is your favorite part of the vernee V2 Pro.

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee V2 Pro for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

4.Only subscribe users can join the campaign.

5.Campaign time: May 16 to 28, 2018.

  1. miguelon_reyes 23/05/2018 at pm10:01 - Reply

    I want change my Vernee Apolloooo

  2. ifad1986 23/05/2018 at pm8:25 - Reply

    The best rugged phone i have overseen. the luxurious style and size with amazing features inbuilt on a modern rugged phone.

  3. patelmangal942 23/05/2018 at pm7:49 - Reply

    I also like it’s waterproof.😗😘😘

  4. henry.bleasdale 23/05/2018 at pm3:29 - Reply

    I like the modern style & look yet the strong ‘rugged’ aspect. The camera’s are also excellent along with the water proof to 1.5 meters depth. The fact I am also prone to dropping phones makes this one even more attractive!

  5. med7art 23/05/2018 at am7:10 - Reply

    My favorite part of the vernee V2 Pro is its configuration and the waterproof feature

  6. dkisspeti 23/05/2018 at am3:53 - Reply

    I like more than one part of this beautiful phone. But first three are the power of the processor, the beautiful fhd screen and the battery life! 🙂

  7. 23/05/2018 at am2:20 - Reply

    Lo que mas me gusta es que es de la casa vernee. Ya que estan haciendo grandes terminales y con gran proyeccion para el futuro.
    Seguir asin.

  8. seb.riojasj 23/05/2018 at am12:50 - Reply

    I love how the vernee v2 has an inmense battery and rugged terminal without sacrificing the integrity of the sleek and seamless design. They also did a great job by adding a face recognition feature since it is very difficult to unlock with fingerprint when you hands are wet. This is a consideration that very few phone companies take on account.

  9. luan_veloz 22/05/2018 at pm10:24 - Reply

    Oh my F@#$ng god! It’s better than X1. I want this!

  10. silviu.iosif25 22/05/2018 at pm8:06 - Reply

    Dustproof , waterproof and resistance drop ! Good batery ! Global Band !

  11. amineprod8 22/05/2018 at pm6:22 - Reply

    I love about VERNEE V2 this things:

    2) Specs
    3) Cheap price

  12. Axarayli Genc 22/05/2018 at am9:55 - Reply

    Octa-Core (4 x 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4 x 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53) CPU Clock
    MediaTek Helio P23 MT6763V, 64-bit Processor
    GPU – Mali-G71MP2 @770MHz GPU
    Camera – 21 Megapixels + 5 Megapixel LED and AF Rear Camera | 13 Megapixels + 5 Megapixel Front camera
    RAM- 6GB LPDDR4x, 1600MHz | ROM 64GB External Memory Supports Up to 128GB Using TF Card
    Screen size 5.99-inches IPS, FHD+ Display (2160 x 1080 Pixels), 18:9 Ratio
    Battery 6,200mAh Lithium-Polymer
    Dual Hybrid SIM (Nano-SIM + Nano-SIM/microSD), Dual Standby
    Proximity, Ambient Light, Accelerometer Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope, Pedometer, Hall Heart Rate
    Android 8.1 Oreo (VOS) OS
    Metal & Polycarbonate Body Design, LTE Cat-7, IPS FHD+ Display, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 4-camera Setup, A-GPS, GLONASS, VOS, HSPA+, Dual-LED Flash, OTA, Tethering, VoLTE, Heart Rate Sensor, Pedometer, OTG Support, 6 Modes 28 Bands, Corning Gorilla Glass, Fast Charging

  13. dancfreitas 22/05/2018 at am6:25 - Reply

    Waiting for this phone since anounced…if this is as described I want one, this is a game changer….

  14. mathieu.linares 22/05/2018 at am5:45 - Reply

    Looks like my vernee active that is already awsome but far better… Neeeeeeeeed !! 😉

  15. feib sicca 22/05/2018 at am2:09 - Reply

    Very interesting technical specifics. I love IP68 and 6200 mah… mmmmmmm… so sexy

  16. Rui Rego 21/05/2018 at pm11:48 - Reply

    Well, i’ve got an apollo lite, mix 2… should i by a v2 pro? Off course!;D

  17. knightonijimmy 21/05/2018 at pm10:10 - Reply

    The most reliable smartphone in the world that support most of the latest global band, when it comes to power, health, camera and durability V2 pro is the answer.

  18. sidheeqecherur 21/05/2018 at pm4:55 - Reply

    I have waited my entire life to get a phone like this. And now, I’m at the edge of my dream. I loves all the features and each of the part of the phone and its mind blowing design. Love you vernee…

    Each part of Vernee V2 Pro is my favorite…

  19. sergiohgoncalves 21/05/2018 at pm4:08 - Reply

    Looks very interesting.

  20. bolozan.antonel 21/05/2018 at am6:51 - Reply

    WOW! Simply as that! I saw the review and the presentation of your phone Vernee X and it stunned me! I really want a phone like that! It`s crazy!!

  21. primodisette 21/05/2018 at am2:38 - Reply

    I approached to Vernee with a MIX 2, and I’m really enthusiast of it. After a thorough search for a very good build and low price phone, I found without a doubt MIX 2. Now I’m approaching to the idea that an IP68 phone has to be my stress proof phone. And again I found it in VERNEE V2 PRO and it’s specs. I hope to win it. Anyway, go on like you’re doing, great brand for great phones!

  22. paratruper 21/05/2018 at am1:24 - Reply

    My favorite thing is my 3100mAh battery instead of 3500 at my Apollo XD
    Not even funny… I insist on you to replace it to twice bigger V2Pro! Or not Pro…
    Or even with no FaceID.. Or it’s enough 10 BIG megapixels…. And P23.
    But really, most wanted is NFC and large battery with 18:9 screen! May be…
    May be it is my DREAM phone with THE money!

    • paratruper 21/05/2018 at am1:34 - Reply

      Also, I even ready to sacrafice 32Gb in favour of less weight. My Oukitel K4000Pro was too fat XD
      So… I need to test my new one Vernee!

  23. caleblinus1 20/05/2018 at pm10:41 - Reply

    Hi Vernee!

    Your fast and unprecedented growth is a pride to us all. I had faith in you all along but never knew the progress could be this fast.

    Here are the things I considered as factors for you global spread, acceptance and recognition:

    1) You always listen to your fans and even critics

    2) You gave us(your fans) the platform to always speak to you directly and with ease. Unbelievably, you gave us the opportunity to always express ourselves through various platforms including your official global website. What a very rare opportunity and honor to your fans.

    3) You always do giveaways (even though I have never won) for your fans and that gives all of us sense of belonging, involvement and happiness.

    4) Apart for your awesome fans and customers relationship, you have compliment all these with awesome innovation. Sometimes, I begin to wonder how you make profit with such great but affordable devices.

    5) I and my family will continue to patronize and broadcast you. Apart from my country flag, the next logo I cherish is the VERNEE logo. You deserve our respect

    May you team always have an edge over your competitors. May you accomplish your mission and reach your vision.

    Finally, getting Vernee V2 as a free gift will be a rare privilege and great shock to me. It will be an awesome gift for my beloved wife. She loves my VERNEE and wish to have one someday. This be awesome for our swimming and hiking adventures.

    With love from Caleb Linus

  24. caleblinus1 20/05/2018 at pm10:36 - Reply

    Hi VERNEE,

    I’m a huge fan of your company.

    I’ve been a long time buyer of your smartphones and can’t imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain sometimes and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I’d add a little sunshine to your innovative brand.

    You’re doing a great work, it’s appreciated in our house and among almost my entire co-workers, and I wanted to say thanks.

    I don’t know if I would be a lucky winner of the VERNEE V2, but I’d be most appreciative to try more of your innovative products as long as I can afford.

    Telling you this makes me feel so special.

    Thank you and keep making us proud!

  25. caleblinus1 20/05/2018 at pm10:30 - Reply

    Things I love about VERNEE V2:
    2) It’s Amazing CONFIGURATION
    3) The PRICE
    4) The BRAND behind the innovative VERNEE V2

  26. b.chrisaitis 20/05/2018 at pm8:41 - Reply

    fantastic vernee

  27. razibenabbes 20/05/2018 at pm6:12 - Reply

    Fantastic Vernee

  28. mayancevslava 20/05/2018 at pm4:37 - Reply

    Vernee – In Russian means the most accurate, the most correct. excellent name, for an excellent phone.

  29. jeevagk95 20/05/2018 at pm1:07 - Reply

    Dear vernee:
    I am from India When i was search a INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL BRAND. I am search a Vernee Because your one and only gives a new information technology in Low price.

    Vernee V2 Pro What am like this mobile was Full Screen. I am compare this Mobile to DOOGEE & OUKITEL. THe VERNEE V2 Pro was 200% Best because of Your One and Only gives a Full Screen Display in IP68 Mobile.
    And I like NFC Function, SONY IMX 230 21MP camera ,Heart Rate.

    Thank You

    • chainander singh 20/05/2018 at pm5:48 - Reply

      mu hone is bricked any suggest

  30. lebolek 20/05/2018 at am7:29 - Reply

    Since I want my life to stay fun,
    There’s no doubt V2 Pro’s the one.
    I won’t slow down, no matter what,
    This Vernee willl surely keep up!
    The spec’s top-notch, the phone looks tough,
    Vernee’s legit, no place for bluff.
    It will not break, even when slugged.
    Thanks for making this cool phone rugged!
    Performance? Looks? No need to chose –
    With the V2 Pro you can’t lose.
    That’s surely the best way to go
    As my dad would love my Mars Pro. 😉
    The urge is strong, can hardly wait.
    Fingers crossed. I leave it to fate.

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