1.Leave a comment about what is your favorite part of the vernee X.  

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee X for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

4.Only subscribe users can join the campaign.

5.Campaign time: Jan. 12 to 25, 2018.

  1. Gabriel Poittevin 20/01/2018 at am6:04 - Reply

    I like the fact that this phone is ready for everything, from watching videos on that large screen to taking pictures of everything with more cameras than ever.

  2. 10coolnick 20/01/2018 at am1:47 - Reply

    It’s amazing to see that a smartphone from Chinese production can actually be SO great! This is one of the first phones that I’ve ever seen that has no bad parts at all. Every single aspect is pretty much unique and very good. The overall the disign, the battery, the screen ect. I’d love to win this phone because I’m SO exited to see what this phone is like in real life ;).

    Regards, Nick.

  3. telmojohn 20/01/2018 at am12:29 - Reply

    Lovely, harmonic, hergonomic a true work of art in our hands. A true flasgship killer. A start in our hand.

  4. zsoltjakab402 19/01/2018 at pm11:39 - Reply

    Well found, beautiful phone! A work of art!

  5. jedan.sanchez 19/01/2018 at pm10:14 - Reply

    I love this phone because of its specs, I like the double camera (front and back) its will enhance my photography skills and also the 4gb of ram I can play any kinds of heavy games smooth without lag, the 64gb of storage is amazing I can download many apps as i can because of its large capacity of storage!.

  6. lee.bailey35 19/01/2018 at pm8:14 - Reply

    18.9 screen is the best thing adout this phone. Phones form vernee well on way to being as good as Samsung’s. better updates for phones and I think they will be just as good if not better.

  7. jorakalitkin 19/01/2018 at pm7:12 - Reply

    Здравствуйте !!! По моему, самое лучшее в Vernee X, это команда из молодых и энергичных дизайнеров и инженеров, которые и создали для нас, покупателей, этот, поистине высокотехнологичный и радующий взгляд, смартфон !!! С таким мощным и энергоэфективным процессором, отменным дизайном и мощной батареей, смартфон, действительно заслуживает аплодисментов !!! Достойная и качественная работа молодой компании Vernee, обречена на Успех, а мы покупатели, всеми силами поможем Вам в развитии и процветании !!! Отличная работа !!! с Уважением к Вам …

  8. Ryba.eric 19/01/2018 at pm7:02 - Reply

    La partie que j’aime le plus sur le Ventre X, c’est son aspect gemeral. Le prendre en main est comme tenir un trésor, il ne vous echaperra pas…!

  9. murillogeoufs 19/01/2018 at pm12:25 - Reply

    I have no doubt that the Vernee X is an extremely quality device with great specifications. But what I liked the most is that the Vernee X, has a very affordable price without doubt the best top phone at the best price in the world. Congratulations to Vernee.

  10. angel200176 19/01/2018 at am5:05 - Reply

    Muchaas batería que las grandes marcas mundiales etc… mejor qke grandes marcas

  11. toyrunner26 19/01/2018 at am4:30 - Reply

    Le Vernee X.
    Celui-ci dispose d’un SoC Helio P23 cadencé , d’une batterie de 6 200 mAh et tourne sous Android 7.1 Nougat le top

  12. mardisonsantos26 19/01/2018 at am3:17 - Reply

    the part that I like most in vernee x, is the part inside the device, that behind the necessary configurations to do everything that I need and with leftovers.

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