Vernee Mars is adopting another innovative way to let you unlock your phone


Nowadays fingerprint sensor has become a must-have for a smartphone, no matter it is entry-level, mid-range or even high end.

According to some research, the frequency of people unlocking their phones is nearly 80 times per day. Every time of using the fingerprint sensor is a touch on the high technology.

With the smartphone design diversified a lot, the fingerprint sensors gradually fall into two groups, one installed on the bottom of the screen, and the other located on the up-middle of back cover.


At present, people like the smartphone thinner and lighter. And differently targeted smartphones will adopt different method to place the fingerprint sensor. The newest solution is to mount the sensor on the right side (because right-handers are the majority). When you hold your phone in hand, it will be very convenient to press the sensor and unlock the phone.

Previously, Vernee launched the high end model – Vernee Mars, which sports the innovative side-mounted fingerprint sensor. To help you grasp how effectively this fingerprint sensor works, Vernee shot a video which compares the unlock effectiveness among Vernee Mars, iPhone 6S and Meizu Pro 6.

Vernee Mars comes with 5.5 inch FHD display, octa-core 64bit CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and supports storage expansion. What’s more, it sports 13MP SONY IMX258 camera which supports PDAF, 98% metal coverage on the back cover, 1mm ultra-thin bezel and 81% screen-to-body ratio. Vernee Mars also supports quick charge technology, which allows you to get your phone charged to 50% of capacity in mere 30 minutes.

The retail price of Vernee Mars is $249.99. During the presale, you can get it with only $229.99. And the shipment of pre-orders will be arranged in late September.

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  1. Olaleye Victor 27/04/2018 at pm9:56 - Reply

    I’ve been enjoying my Mars for a while now(about 4 months), it’s so sad it fell three days ago and the screen really got bad, unfortunately, I couldn’t get a replacement in Nigeria. I really want my Mars back to good condition. I would appreciate if Vernee can be of help in any way. Looking forward to soonest reply(


    Olaleye Victor

    From Lagos, Nigeria

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