Vernee Mars could be the first Android smartphone that beats iPhone in terms of display performance.

In-cell technology emerged in 2012 and has been applied widely thanks to the promotion of iPhone.

In-cell technology refers to a standard of displays that allows mobile devices, such as smartphones, to have thinner form factors. In-cell displays are revolutionary in that they combine a digitizer, use touch input, and integrate an LCD screen into a single-layer display. To any display manufacturer, it’s not easy to adopt this technology into mass production. That’s why the cost of In-cell screen is higher.


In-cell screen features a lighter and thinner glass layer. That’s why the thickness of smartphones can be reduced further, this is one of the main reason why Vernee Mars is coming with in-cell display.

In-cell technology brings Vernee Mars
better viewing effect. And the 1mm ultra-thin bezel, up to 81% screen-to-body ratio, and warm-t
oned screen make the viewing effect even better.

Display Comparasion: iPhone 6S plus VS. Vernee Mars VS. Meizu Pro 6

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  1. Alexandre Faleiro 16/03/2018 at pm8:29 - Reply

    Where can I buy the display and touch for the mars pro vernee?

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