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Vernee Mars review: A good budget Android phone with an even better design

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I have to say that it succeeds in quite a few ways since the device has a premium all-metal design, excellent build quality, and nice and sharp display.

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Vernee has created an extremely compelling phone in the Vernee Mars

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  1. Arkadiusz Król 17/01/2018 at pm4:02 - Reply

    Vernee’s approach to the client is a travesty. What serious company does he treat his clients like?

  2. Arkadiusz Król 17/01/2018 at pm4:01 - Reply

    the same with me … where can I buy a new screen? Vernee Mars PRO

  3. Lucas Sousa 14/12/2017 at am10:45 - Reply

    Hello, good morning, my Vernee mars pro screen broke where I can buy one? I’m from Brazil, thank you.

  4. gordan.polan 23/11/2017 at pm4:26 - Reply

    Is LCD monitor and touch screen for Vernee Mars Pro compatible with Vernee Mars?

  5. gordan.polan 23/11/2017 at pm4:25 - Reply

    Dear, LCD monitor and touch screen broke in Vernee Mars. Where can I buy a new one. Thank you.

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