A real rugged phone, a very pretty phone. Vernee Active, the annual best rugged phone

If you check Vernee official website, you will see that recently Vernee has updated a new page of the Vernee Active. It shows the two different forms of Vernee Active, be professional, be wild.

The Vernee Active is a new kind of rugged phone. It dose not have a thick and heavy phone body like the traditional rugged phone, ugly design or a lower configuration. But coming with a more fashionable and pretty appearance design, flagship level configuration and at the same time has the powerful performance of waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance. In you daily life, it can be a gentle and reliable Smartphone. When you are at outdoor or adventuring, it also can be powerful and wild.

The Vernee Active has fit a 5.5” 3D JDI incell screen (1920*1080) in the 5.0” slim and light phone body. It means that, even though it is a rugged phone, when you hold it in your hand, you will feel it like a normal phone. Also it is easy to carry it in one hand. The Vernee Active is not a heavy, thick and big traditional rugged phone.

The configuration of Vernee Active is very amazing. It equipped with Helio P25 Octa-core processor and 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM big storage, type C connector, NFC technology, fingerprint sensor at the back, and support the 6 mode 28 bands global network. You can use the 4G network and calling in most of the countries. What’s more, the Vernee Active has a 4200mAh big battery, it can last for 3 days when normal using. Together with the 9V/2A fast charging technology, the Active can be full charged in 2.5 hours.

What of concern is, we can see the rugged functions of the Vernee Active from the new campaign page. The Vernee Active is rated at IP68, the highest waterproof level so far. Based on the powerful rugged functions, the Vernee Active has made a beautiful appearance after several times adjust the structure of the phone body and the design.
From the official pictures online, we could see the waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance testing functions of Vernee Active. The Active can stay in 1.5 meters deep water and works for 30 minutes. The excellent sealing treatment can prevent the dust from coming inside and reach 99% dustproof. The Vernee Active can work perfectly even in a muddy environment. The back case is using Kevlar military material. It is very strong and has powerful repair ability. Added the strong protection at the corners, the Vernee Active has increased the ability of drop resistance.

It seems like, the Vernee Active is not only chase the beautiful appearance, but also enhance the protection ability on waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance. It is innovation and breakthrough. It is really a beautiful rugged phone.

Now on Vernee official website, you can join the new campaign. Leave a comment about when do you think you will need a Vernee Active. You will have chance to win free Vernee Active and also the $500 travel fee to support you to take outdoor adventure with the Vernee Active. More information about the campaign please check Vernee official website: http://www.vernee.cc/ Also you can pre-order now at Vernee official Aliexpress store: https://goo.gl/bwaJkU

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