With beautiful design and powerful performance, Vernee Thor E/Plus are still in power after one day display

Nowadays, smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily life. From the mere call function in the past, to the integration of Internet, photo-taking, shopping, music, video and mobile payment at present, smartphone is becoming multi-functional and all purpose. Nobody can live without it now just as if it were an new organ to our body.
So heavily do people rely on their smartphones that once the battery is used up, they feel at loss as if they would lose connection with their families and friends. And for this reason, the battery capacity of a smartphone becomes the key when they are choosing a smartphone.
Recently, Vernee released the new models at MWC 2017 – Thor E and Thor Plus, exclusively designed to address the problem of battery insufficiency. Compared to those which last only one day or even half day, Thor E and Thor Plus both have really big batteries, 5020mAh and 6050mAh respectively.

For many smartphones with long battery life, their body is thick, heavy and not therefore not easy to use. However, Vernee’s engineers managed to reduce the thickness of both models to mere 8.2mm, making them comfortable to handle and giving them a stylish appearance. You may totally forget that there is a really big battery inside.

By smartly allocating the power and due to sync wakeup function, Thor E and Thor Plus can reduce the power waste to the greatest degree. After one full day exhibition at MWC 2017, there is still 60% juice left, which leaves a deep impression on the visitors and makes them expectant of these two models.

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  1. Mirtis 28/08/2017 at am10:09 - Reply

    Smartphone perfeito!!
    O melhor custo benefício, infelizmente o meu quebrou display, continua funcionando normal, mas está ruim de visualizar, e não encontro disponível para compra aqui no Brasil.

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