When your Android smartphone becomes slow, check the below aspects.

Many Android users complain that their smartphones become slower and slower, and even crush when initiating an app. Today the author summarizes the 5 main factors leading to such situation and offers you corresponding solutions to each.

1. There are too many system cache files
Many people quit apps by touching the home button directly, which is exactly the wrong way. Too many times of such conducts generate a lot of cache files, thus leading to slower operation.
When you need to quit an app, you’d better choose the exit option rather than touch the home button. In addition, you can install a mobile optimization application such as Android Master, with which you can clean your smartphone periodically.

2. Some apps are not compatible with the old version of Android system
Nowadays, many functional apps have high requirements on the system. Old versions of Android system usually have low compatibility with these demanding apps, which also makes the Android smartphone slower.
Update your Android system to the recommended version of the app.

3. There are too many startup apps.
Some apps Android users install in their smartphone run by default when the phone starts up. Those apps decrease the startup speed, consume too much memory, and further result in tardiness.
Due to the fact that Android smartphone can not prohibit the startup apps itself, you may need to install a third-party app to manage the startup apps. The author recommend Android Master to fulfill the task.

4. Too many call records, short messages
A lot of people have the habit of keeping call records and short messages without knowing that doing so also leads to unsmooth operation. Specifically, the accumulation of massive messages actually makes opening a new message a little slower.
The author recommends that you backup important call log and messages and delete the less important ones.

5. Some habits may also lead to bad user experience
Some people like to put small plug-ins including weather widget, calendar widget, and map widget on the home screen, which consume much memory as well.
It’s not recommended to use live wallpaper or put many widgets on home screen.

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  2. dakheelidrees 12/11/2018 at pm12:14 - Reply

    hello any body can help me about how to fix call echo in vernee x when i make a call i creat too much noise to other caller.

  3. Attila 03/08/2018 at pm4:33 - Reply

    What is the link of Android Master auto-start manager?

  4. Carlos 04/02/2018 at am2:44 - Reply

    Necesito el manual del mix2 en castellano y no lo encuentro!??

  5. albegos 21/09/2017 at pm10:10 - Reply

    Y como se actualiza el firmware del thor plus, que aún no ha salido??? Por qué no ponéis la rom primitiva y actualizamos cuando tengáis resuelto los problemas de las cámaras?. Es que sois malos, pero malos lanzando roms y actualizaciones. No os mereceis que se os compren teléfonos que el mismo día de comprarlo y actualizarlo se rompen. Sois una panda de nefastos programadores y fabricantes de smartphones.

  6. abraham rivera 06/09/2017 at pm1:57 - Reply

    hello, i just purchased an apollo and i can’t get signal, the specifications says that works whit 2100MHz network that is the same that my provider uses. what should i do?

  7. Vinicius 25/08/2017 at pm8:39 - Reply

    My “vernee thor E” has a problem, the alarm clock often goes mute, this happens at random.

    I would like a solution…

  8. Ajith 24/08/2017 at am11:43 - Reply

    any pointers pleasE?

  9. Ajith Menon 23/08/2017 at pm6:14 - Reply

    firmware update is done. no success with camera yet.

  10. Ajith Menon 23/08/2017 at pm5:03 - Reply

    how do i do a firmware update? Can you provide me a link for additional information. And I didnt understand the support third-party camera install part. Can you please provide elaborate details? Appreciate your help.

  11. Ajith Menon 23/08/2017 at pm3:43 - Reply

    What about vernee apollo camera issue? has anyone been able to solve it? I keep getting “Can’t connect to the camera. Please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight.” message everytime i launch camera. Can someone please provide a solution for this issue? I tried to reach out to customer care as well but to no avail. Can someone please help with this?

    • admin 23/08/2017 at pm4:46 - Reply

      Problems can be solved by firmware update, support third-party camera applications install.

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