Vernee pushed out its first update for Thor, just 30 days after the presale

It’s been a while since Thor is in stock for sale. And customers of the pre-orders has received the products already.
It’s vernee’s goal to provide both high-quality smartphones and also ongoing after-sale service to its customers.
Just 30 days after Thor’s presale, vernee team has completed the first OTA update and pushed it out already. Users who have Thor in hand can experience the new features now.

This update will fix or optimize the following aspects:

1. Optimized the lock-screen wallpaper presentation

2. Improved the fingerprint recognition rate

3.Reduced the heating effect when charging

4. Lowered the possibility of probabilistic fingerprint failure

5. Optimized the compatibility of third party apps

6. Addressed the problem that system time doesn’t update probabilistically

7. Enhanced the fingerprint recognition speed by 10%

8. Addressed the problem of probabilistic icon overlap

9. Improved the touching experience of the screen

10. Optimized the dual SIM settings and the function of rejecting incoming calls with an SMS

11.  Added the function via which the incoming SMS will turn on the screen

If you have any opinion towards this update, you can leave your comment in vernee forum:

Follow the 4 steps to upgrade your Thor:


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  2. sahil 24/09/2017 at am1:57 - Reply

    I wanna ask that is vernee Thor is going to update to 8.0 although it is the first product and first member of Thor series

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