October 12 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Vernee, since the foundation, has been clinging to the motto of “serve the customers heart and soul”. And the ongoing update service Vernee offers to the end users has showcased its resolution to become a brand worth the consumer’s trust.

So far, Vernee has launched two products, Vernee Thor and Vernee Apollo Lite with deca-core configuration. For Thor, Vernee has rolled out 5 OTA updates, and the 6th is on the way.

Below are the major fixes and optimizations for this Update:

1. Fixed the problem that WiFi name may contain special characters.
2. Addressed the probabilistic rebooting issue.
3. Updated the APN list.
4. Enhanced the compatibility of third party camera apps.
5. Improved the compatibility of third party apps.
6. Enhanced the charging safety.

One more thing, the kernel code of Vernee Apollo Lite will be released out soon this month.

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