Open for customization: more third-party ROMs for vernee Thor are on the way!

It’s been a while since vernee released Thor’s kernel code, and many ROM developers contacted us for cooperation to develop customized ROMs.

Besides providing smartphones of high quality, we want to do more for our customers.

Recently, we talked with CM (CyanogenMod) ROM development team about customized CM 13 OS (based on Android 6.0) for Thor with ongoing updates.

We hope more third-party developers could join this project so that we can deliver the best using experience for our followers.

Besides that, the second software updates of Vernee Thor will be released by OTA soon!
The presale of Vernee Apollo Lite will be started from June 1st.

  1. Rod Peddle 25/10/2018 at am4:10 - Reply

    Why don’t you release the God Dam firmware for the M6! I’ve sent many messages to support and they never answered one of them….The M6 is my first AND LAST phone from Vernee!

  2. Detroh 24/03/2018 at am7:46 - Reply

    Release the kernel source code! YOU ARE SO BAD VERNEE!

  3. Milka 24/03/2018 at am7:40 - Reply

    Hello! It’s 2018 and nothing from you!!!!!

  4. rrvb59 11/12/2017 at pm7:51 - Reply

    Open for customization: more third-party ROMs for vernee Thor are on the way!

    please open the Vernee mix 2 for costumization and please release a normal flashable rom that is not corrupted with fake information so that it does not work with the official MTK tools even a $20 smartwatch does work with mtk tools !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Evgeniy 19/10/2017 at am1:08 - Reply

    Why is the frequency of the processor MT6753 cluster 1: 1.5 GHz, cluster 2: 1.3 GHz, and you claimed only 1.3 GHz.

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