The 5th OTA update of Vernee Thor E has arrived!

The Vernee Thor E is a model produced to solve the problem of power consumption. The 5020mAh big battery can be used up to 72 hours standby. The Thor E has made the breakthrough and put the 5020mAh big battery in the 5.0” screen and the phone body is only 8.2mm. Equipped with 9V/2A 18W fast charging technology and the E-key to endurance mode, the Thor E has a perfect using experience.
In order to deliver you a better using experience, we have the update firmware for Thor E.
1.Optimized the stabilization of the system, update the Google security patch and optimized the Google applications.
2.Optimized the audio effect, improved the sound volume when calling.
3.Added the function which can set different ringtones for different sim cards.
4.Repaired the calling abnormal when setting in different languages.
5.Optimized the fast charging function and phone standby time.
6.Improved the fingerprint recognition rate and the speed.

The update of Vernee Thor E delivered a much better using experience for you and in the future we will keep it update to make the phone more stable. You can now update the new firmware through wireless or download from vernee official website:

  1. game-over-tma 02/12/2018 at pm11:11 - Reply

    vernee thor e Kernel Source Code!?

  2. game-over-tma 12/04/2018 at am3:43 - Reply

    Пидары где обнова, чините свое устройство точнее кирпич.

  3. Alex 22/03/2018 at am3:03 - Reply

    Are you going to fix compass?

  4. Mman 07/01/2018 at pm10:48 - Reply


    The camera app not saving settings,and the display time is about 5hour with auto-brightness,no gps,no data,just wifi with good signal. This is 5020 battery?! The phone bought with 0825 update already!

  5. João Oliveira 24/12/2017 at pm5:44 - Reply

    Both 2017-06-15 and 2017-07-04 are bad OTA updates.
    It is because the Compass is disappeared.
    The only one rom where the Compass works well is the 2017-05-24.

    • Emerson Santana 21/09/2018 at am4:43 - Reply

      Acho que vou fazer downgrade para essa versão João Oliveira!

  6. Marco Reis 16/12/2017 at am5:25 - Reply

    My vernee m5 after updating the volume it very down, i can not ear the voice. It same like talk someone miles of distance or under water.

  7. Steve 20/11/2017 at pm5:36 - Reply

    Hi wann gibt es ein update für die Netztwerk verbindungen? 4g Lte Funktioniert ja nicht???

  8. Artur 18/10/2017 at pm6:44 - Reply

    Hi I bought a Vernee Thor E. When I answear calls, and even with the proximity sensor turned on, it always shuts off calls When I approach my face to the screen. From what I read in forums, it must be the problem of these mobile phones. What can I do?

  9. Jeferso 05/10/2017 at am2:14 - Reply

    A bateria do meu Vernee Thor E não tá nem com 1 mês e ela já deu problema. Agora só dura 14 horas no máximo, e eh com poupança de bateria. Antes ela mostrava que durava mais de 1 dia e 10 horas. E agora não chega a durar 8 hs de uso. Queria uma resposta, por favor. É algo do sistema, bug, sei lá. Ou é a bateria com defeito mesmo??

  10. Nelson 23/09/2017 at am6:32 - Reply

    The Thor E has no magnetic sensor, no compass-app will work and in Maps you do´nt know if you walk to the south or what direction ever. In the rom there is no gps.conf. The precision stucks allways at 25 feet.

  11. David 22/09/2017 at am2:33 - Reply

    This page is not showing properly in IE 11.608
    Also – any guess when there will be a VOS 7.0 or 7.1 for Apollo and Apollo lite?
    2017? 2018?

  12. Alessandra Ickx 08/09/2017 at pm8:33 - Reply

    I’m interested to Android OS last release update on my Vernee phone, more than a update on proprietary interface of manufacturer. Android last release update is unique motivation to buy a smartphone or tablet for me, if Vernee can’t do this, I will no more interested to Vernee products. It means a clear concept, no?

  13. Markus Hauer 06/09/2017 at pm4:24 - Reply

    After updating you can not speak after making – or taking a telephone call. The microphone seems to be silent. Only switching one time from loudspeaker back to microphone solves the Problem for one time. We have 3 Vernee Thor E in the Family and the problem is on all 3. Please fix it ! Thank you !

    • WILSON ANCELMO DOS SANTOS 18/10/2017 at pm12:30 - Reply

      Comprei um Verme Thor E e me arrependi, não consigo falar com ninguém o microfone não funciona

      • Emerson Santana 21/09/2018 at am4:42 - Reply

        Desative o OK Google!!!
        Ou, ao receber/realizar ligação ative e desative o Viva Voz!!!

  14. John A 02/09/2017 at pm6:06 - Reply

    I am very happy with my Thor E. Good to see it got a proper support.

  15. andre.marinho 31/08/2017 at pm6:42 - Reply

    My phone does not work more afer this new update what i can do?

  16. Andreas Sievers 29/08/2017 at am5:34 - Reply

    the Thor E does not reboot any more. After typing the PIN it is in locked state. How can I switch to factory defaults for a proper reboot?
    And where can I get a manual?
    Thanks in advance

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