Due to the GMS authentication, the software of the following models will change to new names and to be used for further software upgrade, but the model name will remain the same as the old one and continue selling in the market.
Vernee Active software name changes to Vernee V1
Color: black
Storage: 6GB RAM+128GB ROM
Vernee X software name changes to Vernee X1
Color: black and blue
Storage: 4GB RAM+64GB ROM and 6GB RAM+64GB ROM
Vernee MIX2 software name changes to Vernee M2
Color: black and blue
Storage: 4GB RAM+64GB ROM and 6GB RAM+64GB ROM

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    I have a Vernee X1,
    I forget the password and I can not access my phone
    I wold like information on how to perform a factory reset to recover my phone.

  23. Jose Alexandre Jorge 17/10/2018 at pm10:14 - Reply

    Dear Sir

    On last 2018-03-07 I bought, at, a VERNEE MARS Side Mounted Touch ID 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Helio P10 MTK6755 2.0GHz Octa Core 5.5 Inches 2.5 Inch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Ultra Thin Bezel FHD Screen Android 7.0 4G LTE Smartphone, order No. 20180307007673.

    I left the device charging the battery overnight and the next morning the device no longer rang. With less than 3 months of use already damaged ???

    As I was told, I sent the smartphone to:

    Contact Name: Wangjiawei
    No.203,Building A
    No.104,ShuiMen Road,PingHu street
    Longgang District,
    Shenzhen City,Guangdong province
    P.R China
    Zip Code: 518111

    On 2018/07/06 Efox confirmed the receipt of the Smartphone for repair. Trace Number is RH 1194 3007 5 PT

    It’s been two and a half months, almost 30 mails exchanged since the beginning, and I still do not have the smatphone.

    It’s not fair, I feel cheated.

    Is it anything the company can do to try to repair the situation,or…?

    Sincerely yours

  24. mallentinhu 12/10/2018 at am10:24 - Reply

    Quando teremos atualização do Android para o Vernee X, 6GB x 128GB?

  25. vandsilva1984 11/10/2018 at am6:06 - Reply

    atualizei meu vernee 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, e ele entrou em loop infinito, como resolve.

  26. rantipenkov 22/08/2018 at pm10:05 - Reply

    Good afternoon! Tell me when will the new software for the camera on the smartphone v2pro? The smartphone is very good, but the cameras work poorly, especially in the dark.

  27. augustoblindao 18/08/2018 at pm6:10 - Reply

    After the update, my cell phone stopped digital printing, how can I turn it around? my cell phone is a vernee x 4gb 64gb

  28. G S 07/08/2018 at pm7:46 - Reply

    I am owner of a Vernee Mix 2 smartphone.

    As you know this is one of the “flagships” of your company along with the new Vernee X.

    However all the owners (including myself) are complaining that Vernee Mix 2 has no support from your company.

    – Last software update was in December 2017,
    – No information about upgrade to Google Oreo 8.0 despite the hardware is compatible
    – No security updates

    The following big issues still remain:

    1) GPS stability and signal lock
    2) Wifi & bluetooth connectivity issues
    3) Camera low performance (bad camera application, very slow AF, bad quality in low light environment, useless second rear camera, not proper bokeh feature, OIS not working etc.)
    4) No security updates
    5) No Google Oreo 8 update

    You created a phone, you cheated about camera specs (you had mentioned about
    Sony cameras in your official website) and then you left all the customers without any support.

    Please let me know if you are planning to take some actions in order to provide the required support for this device and especially the following:

    – When the new update will be released. Will it include Google Oreo 8 upgrade?
    – What the improvements will be about the above mentioned issues
    – Will you continue to support this device in the future?

    Otherwise a big campaign will be in the social media in order to inform potential customers about your products & your bad support policy and protect them from buying any of your products.

    Hope you’ll understand and you’ll do the needful to change this bad situation for your customers

  29. ssje 31/07/2018 at am12:38 - Reply

    why not update existing phones and stick to your principles .
    are these all lies,
    are you just another small Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ,
    who lies and ignores its customers ,

  30. ssje 26/07/2018 at am7:54 - Reply

    when is X update to android 8 or 8.1 .
    please tell and i will share with community on facebook.

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