vernee has pushed out the second OTA update for Thor

2nd update

As the first smartphone of vernee, Thor carries the promise of vernee to its users and showcases its pursuit of high quality.
Besides offering the budget devices with great specs, vernee also focuses on improving the user experience and making its products more playful. It has enforced the plan of opening kernel code to embrace more third-party ROMs and offers its users more options. Moreover, vernee keeps optimizing and updating the stock Android 6.0 OS, aiming to make it a trustworthy brand.
Several days ago, vernee has pushed out the 2nd OTA update for Thor. Users can update their device via OTA.

The optimization and fixes of this update are as follows:

1.Addressed the problem that OTA update can’t be realized when SD card is inserted;

2.Addressed the problem of abnormal exit when taking continuous photos with front camera;

3.Reduced the start-up time

4.Optimized the touch response and ring tone of notifications;

5.Fixed the problem which disables you to mute the calendar;

6.Improved the fingerprint recognition rate and enhanced the recognition speed;

7.Improved the range sensor specifications, allowing Thor to wake up or turn off the screen normally when calling with flip case;

8. Optimized compatibility of third party applications.

  1. Rui Rego 04/05/2018 at pm4:48 - Reply

    Anyone have some issues with vernee mix 2 fingerprint reader?
    After 4 days of use finger printer sensor is dead… update rom, factory reset, nothing works!
    Anyone can post some trick or its a hardware faillure (with 4 days of use, about 8 to 10 h???)?

  2. Mohan 25/01/2018 at pm5:28 - Reply

    Hi, I am willing to buy Vernee Active , I need to know any service center availability in india, kindly update.

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