June 7 , 2016 | By: vernee
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As the first smartphone of vernee, Thor carries the promise of vernee to its users and showcases its pursuit of high quality. Besides offering the budget devices with great specs, vernee also focuses on improving the user experience and making its products more playful. It has enforced the plan of opening kernel code to embrace more third-party ROMs and offers its users more options. Moreover, vernee keeps optimizing and updating the stock Android 6.0 OS, aiming to make it a trustworthy brand. Several days ago, vernee has pushed out the 2nd OTA update for Thor. Users can update their device......

March 23 , 2016 | By: vernee
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The day before yesterday, Chinese startup“Vernee”brought 2 new smartphones into our sight. One is its flagship Vernee Apollo which sports 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and carries Helio X20 chip; the other is named Thor, aiming at middle end market. Due to the fact that Thor is the product of vernee’s cooperation with Uber, Vernee becomes the focus of worldwide media immediately. Since the MWC held in Spain, February 2016, many smartphone makers have launched their new flagships. New comers into this fierce market include not only high end smartphones sporting great specs, but also middle end ones which optimizes the user experience to the largest degree. And Vernee Thor is aiming to deliver both smooth operation and great handling experience. Nowadays, advertisements on smartphones seem not as effective as before. Consumers gradually become aware that a great smartphone is based on the basic using experience and continually improved optimization.  Vernee Thor’s features: 1, With a round smooth curve, 2.5D arc display, and ergonomic design, Thor presents a gorgeous appearance and delivers great handling experience. Covered by high grade anti-fingerprint oil on the screen and baby-skin rubber paint on the back, it feels really comfortable. 2, Thor’s 5 inch screen equals almost the same size of iPhone 6s (4,7 inch). And it has 1280x720 HD resolution compared with iPhone 6s(1334x750), the bigger screen of Thor beats iPhone definitely in term of viewing experience. 3, iPhone 6s boasts its great viewing experience on the upside. Even in this feature iPhone is so proud of, Thor is not a halfpenny the worse. As we know,Vernee Thor will be configured 5 inch HD on-cell display, 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM (up to 128GB), 13.0MP rear camera, 5.0MP front camera and 2800mAh battery. In addition,Vernee Thor will support 5V2A quick charging and ship with preinstalled Android 6.0 OS on April!


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