Follow the activity and win the new model! Vernee M6 will have slim body + all screen

Vernee M6 is the new upgraded version of Vernee M5, it is also designed with the cutting-edge 18:9 all screen, and still keeps the 6.9mm light and slim body, very easy to carry. Besides, it is well optimized and upgraded on the stability of the operation system. Now the warm-up activity is started on Vernee official site. You can pay attention to it and try your luck to win a free M6.


Video introducing Vernee M6:

Vernee M6 features the 5.7” all screen, 18:9 aspect ratio, and the screen ratio is as high as 81%. Compared to the 5.2” 16:9 screen on Vernee M5, M6 will give users more comfortable visual experiences.






Vernee M6 as a more stylish design. The brushed metal unibody is delicate and comfortable, the back three-stage design is simple but stylish; the rear cameras and rear fingerprint are symmetrical and look fine and textured. The overall appearance of vernee M6 is very beautiful.

Compared to Vernee M5, M6 has a comprehensive upgrade on the cameras. Rear camera is upgraded to 16MP and 0.2s speed focus, will have more clear and stable photos. And with the built-in multiple shooting modes, it’s easy to get a variety of styles photos. The front camera is upgraded to 13MP, and have the built-in beauty mode. With greater improvement, you can take better-looking selfie photos compared to M5.

In terms of system experience, the continuously optimized VOS system (based on Android 7.0) brings a more stable and smoother experience to the Vernee M6. The compatibility is more perfect, and the chance of FC on Apps is greatly reduced. The Octa-core 64-bit high-performance processor is very powerful and has lower power consumption. Besides, the super power-saving mode of the VOS system can bring the Vernee M6 a new level of battery life. 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM can ensure the smooth and fast daily using experience, even when running large games, it can also be stable and smooth operated. In addition, Vernee M6 also supports the expansion of 128GB memory.

Now on the Vernee official site there is the activity about winning M6 for free. The rules are very simple – leave a comment on the activity page about what do you like the Vernee M6. Then Vernee will pick up one lucky winner and give away the M6 for free. The campaign time is from March 19, 2018 to March 30, 2018.

Now vernee M6 is also available on Aliexpress stores at the price of 143$, the buying link –





Under the premise of adding the all screen, Vernee M6 still continues to have the thin and light 6.9mm phone body. What’s more, with the exquisite nano-blasting technology, you will find a fine and smooth hand holding feeling.

  1. tieudinh.jvnet 16/07/2019 at pm3:24 - Reply

    My previous phone was a vernee. My next one gona be a vernee again

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  4. Gary 23/04/2019 at am11:59 - Reply

    Purchased a Vernee M5 a year ago and recently the back of the phone started to separate and expose the battery, etc. Miraculously the phone still works but it is very uncomfortable to hold and it’s only a matter of time before it stops working altogether. I’m also fearing it could do a Samsung Note 7 and self combust in the middle of the night on the charger! My partner also has the same phone and up to this issue have been very impressed with our phones. Would be interested to hear if other M5 owners have had similar problems with their phones?

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  6. eimert.bennink 28/02/2019 at am9:40 - Reply

    My previous phone was a vernee. My next one gona be a vernee again

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  8. adidasliga55 24/02/2019 at am4:04 - Reply

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  9. bsixtope 22/11/2018 at pm11:57 - Reply

    Please I just got the Vernee m6 just like 3 weeks now please I will like to swap for higher one the Vernee m8 pro.
    Please how can I go about it am in Nigeria

  10. ROGÉRIO GEREMIAS DO CARMO 19/11/2018 at pm9:46 - Reply

    muito interessante quero um free

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  12. foudem 26/09/2018 at am3:46 - Reply

    am very satisfying with you company Vernee.i bought apollo fell me down about 50 times and nothing. very good material but my grandson tossed it to the wall and only cracked the glass but the phone was working fine.i think i change only the glass lens.but he …….i will be THE KING

  13. foudem 26/09/2018 at am2:39 - Reply

    am very satisfying with you company Vernee.i bought apollo fell me down about 50 times and nothing. very good material but my grandson tossed it to the wall and only cracked the glass but the phone was working fine.i think i change only the glass lens

  14. Alexey 06/08/2018 at am4:04 - Reply

    when to wait for an update of M6 to 8.1?

  15. tamagoshi 31/07/2018 at am4:21 - Reply


    • sylvain.caillot 12/09/2018 at am3:47 - Reply

      Hello, why ?

  16. Paul Kollmann 13/06/2018 at am11:59 - Reply

    We users wait hard for an update like : OREO
    Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 Update when do you intend to update the VERNEE M5, it has several bugs (camera sound ,old system….)

    my vernee m5 has some bugs and support from Vernee does not exist. Please take more attention to your clients Vernee!!

  17. jppontesmpc 03/05/2018 at pm10:57 - Reply

    Eu comprei um vernee x o celular é muito bom mais ele só vibra quando alguém liga para mim ,já tentei colocar as música como toque e fala que foi com sucesso, mas não vai,só vibra ,alguém sabe como mim ajudá

  18. Gabriel Weldon 28/04/2018 at am11:25 - Reply

    I just bought the rugged Active. Awesome phone, just be careful to not disable stuff when you don’t necessarily have to. I will never buy another smartphone that isn’t rugged. I’ve spent well over $1500 on phones that break when you drop them, including a Sony flagship that was $620 and glass both sides (lame). I wish I lived in China so I could bypass the ridiculous restrictions the US places on ALL electronics. GO VERNEE!!

  19. Jhonatan Sánchez 20/04/2018 at am7:40 - Reply

    ¿What’s the FCC ID of the Vernee Thor E?

  20. GEOPATRAS12 18/04/2018 at pm5:09 - Reply

    Very good specifications, very large battery

  21. thimpapa 18/04/2018 at am4:10 - Reply

    I am looking forward to see this phone!

  22. mosenbr67 16/04/2018 at pm5:57 - Reply

    Hello proccessor combined with 6gb of ram standout impressively.

  23. firefly5467 16/04/2018 at am7:00 - Reply

    i am sure this phone is going to be the best budget phone ever. impressed with the features. Its good that you are bringing out the best for good price. Genuinely i like vernee X1 and would like to own one in few days.

    • Rod Peddle 25/10/2018 at am4:12 - Reply

      It is a very nice phone, but no support from Vernee what-so-ever! Not even firmware posted online for it. My phone has been bricked for 3 months now. Soon going in the garbage!

  24. jay.jaktiani 13/04/2018 at pm9:26 - Reply

    This seems like the Best Budget phone yet! Perfect blend of rich features at affordable price!

  25. dennisfrance 05/04/2018 at am12:31 - Reply

    I have just purchased a used Vernee M5 and so far I am impressed on a low cost phone being so good.
    Phone looks great and build quality is excellent.

  26. PeteZ 04/04/2018 at am5:22 - Reply

    I am looking forward to see this masterpiece in real!

  27. VANI 26/03/2018 at pm10:34 - Reply


  28. Ayo 25/03/2018 at pm5:43 - Reply

    Wow this is going to be amazing. I’m a big fan of vernee by the way

    • firefly5467 16/04/2018 at am7:02 - Reply

      me too

  29. Sathis 25/03/2018 at pm3:16 - Reply

    Good Product

  30. Luis Mendoza 23/03/2018 at am7:29 - Reply

    I’m impressed 😮

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