1.Leave a comment about what is your favorite part of the vernee V2 Pro.

2.We will pick up one lucky winner and give away the vernee V2 Pro for free.

3.Winner will be announced on official website with ID account and noticed by email.

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5.Campaign time: June 8 to 30, 2018.

  1. lakshmisainath007 11/07/2018 at pm5:27 - Reply

    I think for me it is the best phone in all aspects i loved the way u crafted all specs together in tough rugged body….

  2. truenoapex 07/07/2018 at pm4:03 - Reply

    I like this phone but I do not know if it’s able to use in Singapore. Was thinking of ordering it but worry the band is not usable in Singapore. Pls advice on it.
    I have change so much phone as I always so careless n drop my phone n spolit most of it. Saw this special phone waterproof drop proof ….etc so excited about this phone. If I can win it I will be delited as I do not have to buy

  3. Fdnq 07/07/2018 at pm1:38 - Reply

    Vernee V2pro o dispositivo q impreciona com seu visual original

  4. ruiterrivel 06/07/2018 at pm10:52 - Reply


  5. jemayrovanb 06/07/2018 at pm8:08 - Reply

    I like IT beacauseyou are the first one that have rugged bezelless phones and the battery is iPhone x killer

  6. Fdnq 06/07/2018 at am8:56 - Reply

    A melhor parte do vernee V2 pró e ter ele na mao

  7. willmarreta 05/07/2018 at pm8:51 - Reply

    Aí sonho,comprei um Vernee X e to amando tô divulgando pra todo mundo aqui onde eu moro é no YouTube tambem,bateria que dura pra caramba,processador que roda qualquer jogo pesado e uma tela pra ninguém colocar defeito perfeito,esse design da Vernee tá barrando até a motorola,seria um sonho receber esse novo modelo…S2

  8. Fdnq 05/07/2018 at pm8:10 - Reply

    vernee v2 pró sonho de consumo d quem conhece os dispositivos vernee

  9. Fdnq 05/07/2018 at pm8:07 - Reply

    Eu nāo tenho parte favorita no vernee v2 pro gosto de tudo no aparelho

  10. nhkio 05/07/2018 at am10:57 - Reply

    As a big fan of rugged phone and frequent traveller, V2 Pro assure me with 6 modes 28 bands to connect with local service providers everywhere I go, 6 GB RAM will provide smooth operations in combination with Android 8.1, massive 6,200 mAh battery power will ensure me to supply about 4 days worry free power supply, IP68 to protects rain, drop in the water and dust. I admire the most for this V2 Pro is elegent design which stand out from the crowd of any other rugged phones around the world. This is a must have phone for everyone (not only for rugged phone lovers or frequent traveller)

  11. biro.istvan1982 03/07/2018 at pm5:51 - Reply

    I love V2 Pro’s design, it’s big battery capacity and it’s water proof. 🙂

  12. mehmetsahinler81 02/07/2018 at pm3:17 - Reply

    I am greatfull for V2 pro
    My best favourite parts of V2 Pro first is 6200mah battery second 16+5 rear, second 13+5 front cameras, third IP68 and fourth NFC technology.
    I saw the best rugged phone with great features and i ordered already 3 pieces V2 Pro from gearbest. I am very thankful for this phone.
    I found all in one with this phone, what i expected from a smartphone. Thank you Vernee.

  13. asrazee 01/07/2018 at am1:04 - Reply

    The v2 shows massive upgrades and seems to be bullet proof thanks to the kevlar. An awesome milestone for Verne’s that let’s it compete and climb higher than other rugged phones. No phone looks better or is more rugged with such performance as Verne’s V2!

  14. alain.cornaille 30/06/2018 at pm8:50 - Reply

    PS: si je pouvais le gagner je l’offrirai à ma famille 😀

  15. fernanda161815.fs 30/06/2018 at pm7:01 - Reply

    Minha parte favorita no Vernee V2 Pro é a sua Câmera de 21MP e sua Bateria de 6200 mAh. Tem um lindo designer e é da Vernee. Otimo Smartphone.

  16. 30/06/2018 at pm6:31 - Reply

    I love VERNEE V2 PRO the premium appearance of the smartphone , great design. The device is completely protected with the Metal & Polycarbonate. It is full of everything. Big RAM and lots of sensors. Exceptionally professional cameras. Extremely attractive. The device is IP68 certified so it is waterproof and dustproof as well.
    The Vernee V2 PRO smartphone has a bunch of specifications that make it a true winner and every aspect.
    I really want to win. Now I’m using a Vernee Apollo, but that would be much better for me because NFC is capable and Global Network.
    I hope I win my dear Vernee.

  17. 30/06/2018 at pm4:40 - Reply

    Hi i was trying very hard to find a total COMPLETE rugged phone as V2 pro. It is fantastic, i really want to win it!!thank you for create it!!

  18. alain.cornaille 30/06/2018 at pm3:24 - Reply

    J’ai commandé et jattends avec impatience de recevoir le vernee V2 pro. Après Huawei et honor les capacités du V2 pro devrait me combler et je ne pense pas le regretter. Il possède une multitude de fonctions qui fait que ce téléphone peut jouer dans la cour des grands avec en plus son IP68 et la robustesse militaire…

    • alain.cornaille 30/06/2018 at pm3:27 - Reply

      PS: si je pouvais le gagner je l’offrirai à ma famille 😀

  19. isari 30/06/2018 at am5:43 - Reply

    Minha parte favorita do vernee V2 pro é todo vernee V2 pro.. simplesmente perfeito.

  20. flord 29/06/2018 at pm10:17 - Reply

    My favorite is the large and fast rechargeable battery.

  21. KIM DONG HYUN 29/06/2018 at pm9:13 - Reply

    The most favorite part of the vernee V2 Pro is A water-proof function.
    I already have a vernee mix2.
    I experienced a wonderful vernee phone with a wonderful low price.
    I believe the V2 has also much more performance and the degree of completion is very higher.

  22. zsoltjakab402 29/06/2018 at pm6:48 - Reply

    wow, nice,

  23. jmoeab 29/06/2018 at pm2:58 - Reply

    ¡¡¡¡Lo quiero para mí!!!!

  24. Mufor 29/06/2018 at am8:51 - Reply

    Sin duda un gran teléfono a un buen precio y con las mejores especificaciones para el día a día de un usuario exigente tanto en el exterior como en el ocio y juegos, me encanta que tenga todas las bandas LTE

  25. jafari.mahdi2002 29/06/2018 at am2:56 - Reply

    This mobile phone has many features. Like waterproof ip68 and anti-shock, anti-frost, pounded fire. This handset is good for hard work, like a worker. And nfc. Excellent camera. A great phone for excellent communication network, great internet. Good design. The use of metals. Interesting color. The good price of the battery is so great, excellent display, and …

  26. jkatarey 28/06/2018 at pm9:52 - Reply

    Big screen, big battery, good camera ,heart rate, both duel camera rugged mobile

  27. nhkio 28/06/2018 at pm3:53 - Reply

    Impressive battery power of 6200 mAh without compromising the size of the rugged phone with global networ bands. With that, one can go around the world.

  28. uchou37 27/06/2018 at pm9:36 - Reply

    En fait c’est plus une question qu’un commentaire mais je ne vois pas de prise jack pour des écouteurs? Ils ce branche sur le port USB – C?

  29. S.THEOU 27/06/2018 at pm5:00 - Reply

    what is there not to love about this phone???? I guess for me it is the drop resistance

  30. m1amul 27/06/2018 at pm3:27 - Reply

    I love unique design for compressed & rugged smart phone compare other rugged smart phone.

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