1.Write down your favorite configuration of Vernee MIX 2 or any idea about this model. 

2.Join the campaign, and share the campaign page on your SNS pages or forums.

3.We will pick up 100 lucky people randomly to buy the Vernee MIX 2 at only $99.99.

4.Winners list will be announced at vernee official website before October 30th.

5.For the winners we will send you the buying process through email.

  1. Marcos 13/10/2017 at am2:19 - Reply

    I hope it has 13 + 13 MP dual camera and Gorilla Glass, because I already bought and I’m waiting

  2. Istvan 13/10/2017 at am2:19 - Reply

    Bezel-less 6″ screen, 4200 mAh battery

  3. Pavel 13/10/2017 at am2:12 - Reply

    battery and screen

  4. Vítor Silva 13/10/2017 at am2:10 - Reply

    I love the full hd+ screen

  5. Gianni Martin Chirico 13/10/2017 at am1:46 - Reply

    4200mha battery fast charging

  6. jo 13/10/2017 at am1:35 - Reply

    4200 mAh fast charging

  7. Jeilson Soares 13/10/2017 at am1:20 - Reply

    Um show de smartphone , Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet 6.0 polegadas Android 7.0 , Octa Core 2.5GHz , 4GB de memória RAM e ROM de 64GB , Câmeras traseiras de 13.0MP + 5.0MP.

  8. Francesco 13/10/2017 at am1:17 - Reply

    Design interessante, ottimo Helio P25 , buon compromesso prezzo qualità

  9. kobi 13/10/2017 at am12:50 - Reply

    Wonderful screen, Great proportions, Quick charging, Updated operating system, Great interface, Great processor, Lots of memory, Plenty of storage, Well built

  10. Jürgen Busse 13/10/2017 at am12:45 - Reply

    I’m looking forward for the camera results and i like the big screen.
    Hope the camera has a good OIS and warm colours.
    My preferred screen is 6″ with 16:9. The fingerprint should be at the front as an home button with swipes. USB-C would be better.
    And Stock Android one would be fine. But the most things are superb. I’m looking forward for it to order soon. 🙂

  11. Alessandra 13/10/2017 at am12:39 - Reply

    Design accattivante unito a particolarità simili ai top di gamma, ottimo prodotto! 😊

  12. Henrique Silva 13/10/2017 at am12:30 - Reply

    I was in doubt between Vernee Mars Pro and Vernee Mix2, but I decided for this later one mainly due to its innovation lateral finger tip, excellent processor and cheaper price. Good value for money. Congratulations Vernee!

  13. Andreas 13/10/2017 at am12:24 - Reply

    Beautiful screen
    Large battery capacity
    Good processor
    Way to go vernee

  14. Lori 13/10/2017 at am12:22 - Reply

    4200 mAh battery 🙂

  15. Andreas 13/10/2017 at am12:17 - Reply

    Best screen ever!!!

  16. Francisco 13/10/2017 at am12:13 - Reply


  17. Antonio 13/10/2017 at am12:01 - Reply

    Fast charging, 6gb RAM and gift case

  18. Matej Ovnicek 13/10/2017 at am12:01 - Reply

    Great design

  19. Fabrizio 12/10/2017 at pm11:41 - Reply

    Sembra davvero ottimo compromesso qualità prezzo

  20. naveen bagra 12/10/2017 at pm11:30 - Reply

    vernee s ability to produce such beautiful products with high end and next gen configuration is simply overwhelming.the product, the design and specification and specially the display is simply stunning.i congratulate vernee on its future ready and offbeat phones which are really a masterpiece.

    vernee 4g mix is just like a piece of art..

  21. gianluigi 12/10/2017 at pm11:15 - Reply

    fast charging

  22. Ioan 12/10/2017 at pm11:14 - Reply

    I specially like the design of the beautiful smart phone, is gorgeous!
    I like the idea of a big battery with a fast charge and also the speed of the phone.
    I think will be great when I will have it on my hands 😁.
    Great job Vernee!

  23. http.giorgio 12/10/2017 at pm11:05 - Reply

    6GB RAM & 128GB ROM……not ?

  24. Aurel Taba 12/10/2017 at pm10:18 - Reply

    13MP dual rear + 8MP front IMX-258

  25. Alisson nascimento 12/10/2017 at pm10:11 - Reply

    The processo!!!

  26. raffaele 12/10/2017 at pm10:08 - Reply

    qualità del comparto fotografico
    bellissimo display
    ottima autonomia

  27. Joe 12/10/2017 at pm9:50 - Reply

    4200 mAh fast charging,
    Helio P25
    4GB RAM / 64GB Storage
    Android 7

  28. Jussara Brito 12/10/2017 at pm9:40 - Reply

    The high resolution 6″ display

  29. Benjamim Pinheiro 12/10/2017 at pm9:38 - Reply

    The Helio P25 16nm processor and the dual 13MP cameras

  30. Peter 12/10/2017 at pm9:26 - Reply

    4GB RAM & 64 GB ROM excelent choice, good battery 4200 mAh with fast charging
    Info LED needed

    • Nazim 14/10/2017 at am8:29 - Reply

      Auch erwähnungswert das Bildschirmformat in 18:9
      mit 6 Zoll und beinah rahmenlos

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