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5.Campaign time: June 8 to 30, 2018.

  1. ratov1 12/06/2018 at am5:50 - Reply

    Лучшая модель по соотношению цены и качества при таком богатом функционале! Для активных людей самое то!

  2. kingdinesh06 12/06/2018 at am2:25 - Reply

    i have loved vernee phones since 2 years i wish the vernee company beat the hell out of other useless brands whos ruling money
    all the best folks
    with love

    amiti dinesh

  3. Shero_vip 11/06/2018 at pm11:18 - Reply

    It’s amazing Rugged phone with a great battery life and slim shape. With high quality and a durable features

  4. vgalhardi 11/06/2018 at pm9:16 - Reply

    The storage and the battery are the parts I consider in a smartphone. The storage is important because today we need a lot of apps. Everything is converging to an app in the phone. Consequently the battery is important because the more components and applications, the greater the consumption of the battery. This model has all we need today.

  5. jetbassols 11/06/2018 at pm6:16 - Reply

    It looks great!!! I first bought an Apollo lite, later I Bought a Vernee X and I’m very happy with it. When I thought I had the best phone, I discover a better one. I want it!!!
    I love IP68, I like its screen resolution, I like NFC… I like it all.

  6. youshou0517 11/06/2018 at am10:52 - Reply

    Vernee V2 Pro Main Features:
    ● Display: 5.99 inch, 2160 x 1080 pixels screen
    ● CPU: MT6763 Octa Core 2GHz
    ● System: Android 8.1
    ● Camera: 21.0MP + 5.0MP rear camera + 13.0MP + 5.0MP dual front cameras
    ● Sensor: G-sensor control, distance sensor, light sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope, geomagnetism, NFC, OTG, fingerprint recognition
    ● SIM Card: dual Nano SIM + dual standby
    ● Feature: GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, BDS
    ● Bluetooth: 4.2

    Now, For $269.99:

  7. peniche70 11/06/2018 at am6:03 - Reply

    rugged phone;good battery;fast charge; ip68 ;android 8; nfc

  8. astrolavosgeo 11/06/2018 at am12:36 - Reply

    Great battery performance!

  9. jsme1520 10/06/2018 at pm11:51 - Reply

    IP68, NFC and high capacity battery

  10. st.noigel 10/06/2018 at pm9:49 - Reply

    IP68, nice battery + NFC – it’s just a dream!

  11. Brodyaga 10/06/2018 at pm7:29 - Reply

    A rare combination of powerful capabilities for a good price – big battery + fast charge, ip68, android 8, nfc, all lte band, 3.5mm jack and type C, 4gb. Good choice!

  12. cupatonet 10/06/2018 at pm3:45 - Reply

    Rugged phones have always old concept, old ROM, old hardware: finally a TOP LEVEL rugged phone with a great price!

  13. miguelvieiradasilva 10/06/2018 at am7:27 - Reply

    The big battery, i have a thor plus, and i experiment that, only by that, this phone and vernee is powerful.

  14. 10/06/2018 at am5:52 - Reply

    What I like most about the new vernee v2 pro is the ip68 waterproof, without fear of the extreme environment. It can be used below -30 ° C to 60 ° C, great resistance to falls and a capacity of 6200mAH of battery. perfect for my place of work since I have to be inside freezers and then in an oven room with great temperature changes and using the phone to call a lot

  15. davor.prusic 10/06/2018 at am3:37 - Reply

    Good battery,four cameras,best hardware,ip68…!No coment about V2 pro,must have!!!

  16. annabell-alina 10/06/2018 at am1:38 - Reply

    Toller und sehr großer Akku – so soll es sein.
    Und auch die Kamera und die Speicher sind schon sehr gut.

  17. CUASTLAR 10/06/2018 at am12:28 - Reply

    mundialmente me gusta su DISEÑO!!! es mas que muy original y con tecnologia de punta, lo quiero!!!!!!!

  18. Manu 09/06/2018 at pm11:59 - Reply

    Tiene una buena bateria, calidad, resolucion, resistencia, camara… ¡lo tiene todo! Que mas se puede pedir.

  19. Manu 09/06/2018 at pm11:57 - Reply

    Tiene una buena bateria, calidad, resolucion, resistencia, ¡lo tiene todo! Que mas se puede pedir.

  20. agustinlisazo 09/06/2018 at pm11:23 - Reply

    Looks great! Looks that the best rugged phone, let’s see the software updates!

  21. vicman2085 09/06/2018 at pm10:34 - Reply

    i love water proofing

  22. 09/06/2018 at pm7:55 - Reply

    Simply the best rugged phone!

  23. danik0832 09/06/2018 at pm7:19 - Reply

    Ukraine- wait this device! Good camera now+ perfect resistance!

  24. raghb2 09/06/2018 at am11:29 - Reply

    Specs looks amazing. Great military level resistance, battery level, all screen display, global Lte network support. Camera and processor also highly acceptable considering the price. Can’t wait to start using it.

    • carminepicariello94 09/06/2018 at pm3:47 - Reply

      The best feature that the difference is the appearance, because compared to all the other rugged phone is much more beautiful and certainly gives him a big advantage

  25. ssje 09/06/2018 at am1:46 - Reply

    water proofing will come in handy here in scotland, it hardly stops raining. plus NFC on android 8. yes please

  26. Wald20 09/06/2018 at am1:23 - Reply

    Great battery performance and face id.

  27. alebuendia455 09/06/2018 at am12:35 - Reply

    My favorite part of the Vernee V2 Pro is the high-quality rear and front camera, excellent for capturing unforgettable moments on the outside and under the water thanks to the IP68 waterproof.

  28. clenilson queiroz 08/06/2018 at pm8:02 - Reply

    Vernee innovates with excellent devices my favorite part of the Vernee V2Pro IP68 waterpoof, dust drop resistance ideal for doing physical exercises run beyond 6200ah battery fast charging.

  29. techsupport 08/06/2018 at pm5:43 - Reply

    Great features! The best smartphone in the shockproof segment!

  30. Lexambus 08/06/2018 at pm5:39 - Reply

    Russia is a very waited for this model! Protection and delicate design-that’s what we need!

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