Does it harm the battery or not if you leave your smartphone plugged in the charger over night?

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“Don’t use your smartphone when it’s plugged in the charger”, “Don’t keep your smartphone charged all the night”, “You have to use up the power before charging”… You must have been advised like these. However, are they true?

As a matter of fact, there are not so many rules when it comes to charging your smartphone. Most of the so-called tips for better charging are mere rumors. With the technological development, batteries become smarter and easy to manage. For most well-known smartphone makers, their Li-polymer batteries can last 3-5 years.

Below are 5 main rumors about charging your smartphone and 5 corresponding truth behind them.

Rumor 1: Non-original charger will cause harm to your battery
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Truth: Original charger is of course the optimal choice. However the non-original ones don’t harm your battery neither as long as they are of high quality.
Suggestion: You should not buy low-quality charger in any way, but you can choose affordable non-original charger if the original ones are expensive. The website Lifehacker once conducted an experiment to compare the efficiency of original chargers, non-original qualified chargers and low quality chargers. The result shows that non-original high quality chargers have great charging efficiency, though lower than that of original ones. And fake chargers has lowest charging efficiency.

Rumor 2: You should not use your smartphone while it’s being charged.
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Truth: As long as you do not use low quality third-party chargers, you can use your phone even when it’s being charged.
Some say using smartphone when it’s charging can lead to explosion or electrical shock. And we do hear relative news. For example, a stewardess of China Southern Airlines got an electric shock and died when using her iPhone 4 which is under charging. This report may seem persuasive, however, later investigation showed that the charger the stewardess used was from unauthorized third party. All in all, there is no need to worry about the safety as long as you use the certified battery and charger.

Rumor 3: Overnight charging will cause damage the battery.
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Truth: Your smartphone is even smarter than you think. When your phone got fully charged, it stops storing power, which means the battery has cut the connection with electricity.
Even so, you’d better not keep your smartphone charging all night.

Rumor 4: there is no need to shut down your smartphone.
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Truth: Your smartphone needs rest as well. According to an expert of Apple, you should shut down you iPhone at least once a week to optimize the battery life. This is true for Android smartphones as well.

Rumor 5: You have to use up the battery before charging.
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Truth: it’s more reasonable to charge your smartphone everyday than to get a full charge once in several days.
Li-polymer battery has better performance after each charging. And charging after using up the power may bring some damage to the battery because Li-polymer battery has limited charging cycles( each time the battery is used up, it’s a cycle ).

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