1.Write down your favorite configuration of Vernee MIX 2 or any idea about this model.  

2.Join the campaign, and share the campaign page on your SNS pages or forums.

3.We will pick up 100 lucky people randomly to buy the Vernee MIX 2 at only $99.99.

4.Winners list will be announced at vernee official website before October 30th.

5.For the winners we will send you the buying process through email.

6.Chance to buy the Vernee MIX 2 4GB RAM version at only $99.99.

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  1. Brendan Clark 09/11/2017 at pm3:04

    Beautiful piece of modern technology with it’s glass rear in either Blue (MY FAVORITE COLOR!!) or Black with a Full HD display, NSC, 4GB or 6GB RAM Memory, Ton of internal memory which is also upgradeable via SD Card, Mediatek Helio P25 High Performing with great conservation of battery power, Fast Charging to that HUGE BEASTLY Battery!!!.. Way 2 Go Vernee!!!!! 😉

  2. Chin 09/11/2017 at pm12:49

    I have always wanted to have a bezeless phone…this is the want for me as it is affordable and specification are the Top of the class

  3. Sofia Borges 09/11/2017 at am9:07

    Hello! good evening,
    I have an apollo 4g phablet vernee and the screen is broken. does anyone know where to buy online and if it is viable the substitution?!?

  4. VaingloArrep 09/11/2017 at am7:12

    Once again, I obtain countless exciting persons and subjects to discuss here.
    In case you nevertheless have some concerns remaining – be happy to put in writing me.

  5. Ivan Calloop 09/11/2017 at am5:42

    It took 2 months, technical support has not yet responded to a request for a GPS problem in the phone (Vernee Thor E).

  6. Anitahoope 09/11/2017 at am4:41
  7. Andrej 09/11/2017 at am3:57

    MTK6757CD / Mali T880 / 6.0 inch / Screen resolution 2160 x 1080 / 4 gb / NFC / 4G LTE / 4200 mAh
    Excellent. Sumptuously. Super.

  8. AMIR 09/11/2017 at am3:12

    VERNEE MIX 2 is a full HD+ display device with powerfull battery with quick charge 3.0

  9. Ahmed mahmoud hamed 09/11/2017 at am2:16

    Amazing phone i would like to try it

  10. Ahmed mahmoud hamed 09/11/2017 at am2:15

    Anazing phone i would like to try it

  11. VictorCiz 09/11/2017 at am2:14

    Готовая песнь может начинать настоящим хитом. Многое зависит от качества исполнения, но специалисты вечно подскажут, где расставить акценты и для сколько обратить основное внимание. Около правильном подходе песня может начинать источником заработка в будущем.
    хиты на заказ

  12. Vlad 09/11/2017 at am12:57

    All cool!

  13. Maxim 09/11/2017 at am12:38


  14. Jelangkung 09/11/2017 at am12:07

    sir whether yet use corning gorilla glass? or anti-scratch? or have an experiment fallen or slammed? because we sometimes do not accidentally fall. thx

  15. Jelangkung 08/11/2017 at pm11:58

    Haha truely i want buy anything, wkwkwk

  16. Ralphhop 08/11/2017 at pm11:40


    сиденья для унитаза купить оптом –

  17. Arshad P 08/11/2017 at pm11:36

    Im really excited with this phone . And i have use somany phones including new launches. But this phone is very louder and diffrent from other phones. Im really shocked and excited. Definitely this phone is very cost effective and better one at this price.

    Some things are very attractive, some of them are going mention below.

    Dual camera.
    6 GB/64GB RAM and ROM. These things will give high performance and gaming experience
    infinty display
    4200 mah battery
    finger print
    Helio octa core processor
    8 Mega pixel camera
    fast charging.

    The big screen display the most attractive feature

  18. Helber 08/11/2017 at pm9:13

    Good perfomance for gaming and watching videos. Dual camera is also top. Nice to have android 7.

  19. Helmi.B 08/11/2017 at pm9:11

    Bezel-less is great!

  20. DavidLaund 08/11/2017 at pm9:04

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  21. Chorly89 08/11/2017 at pm8:03

    Winners post october 30…. HAHAHAHA today is november 8. Great tactics. Continue stalking people. I wanted this vernee… And i am waiting since october 30 bye bye im buying xiaomi. Peace

  22. Sam 08/11/2017 at pm7:31

    good specs – like the 4200 battery

  23. Richardcriva 08/11/2017 at pm4:06

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  24. Hokleng 08/11/2017 at pm2:52

    It is a cool design phone, Budget smartphone, Best performance, Dual Camera, Good battery and especially, The bezel less screen. It’s one of future phone. Good Job Vernee.

  25. Konstantinos Xanthopoulos 08/11/2017 at am10:16

    Just looks perfect and amazing!!! Love it so much!!!

  26. john larcombe 08/11/2017 at am9:52

    Looks amazing and has awesome specs!

  27. Johannes 08/11/2017 at am5:03

    battery seems to last for more than one day

  28. Michael 08/11/2017 at am4:59

    FHD display is very fine

  29. MARIO 08/11/2017 at am3:50

    Date lance Apollo 2 ?

  30. Leonid 08/11/2017 at am2:31

    Configuration 6 gb ram and beautifull screen for games and other)

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