Vernee Apollo’s first 3D rendering video released, will carry Helio X25 chipset


As Vernee’s flagship, vernee Apollo gains worldwide attention even though many other deca-core smartphones has been released recently.
Several days before, vernee has published Apollo’s main specifications and renderings. It’s without any doubt that the metal uni-body and high hardware configuration will be the 2 biggest selling points.
Moreover, vernee seems to be pretty good at making tipping points of its every product.

According to vernee’s latest news, Apollo will carry Helio X25 chipset instead of previously said Helio X20 deca-core CPU.
Apollo will come into the market in July, and Apollo Lite in June. And Thor is in hot sale right now.
Vernee Apollo newest 3D rendering video:

  1. arkr17997 23/07/2019 at pm6:14 - Reply

    thanks for the post

  2. michaelsantosseg 25/05/2018 at am8:56 - Reply

    What about this company? It does not support us, it does not fulfill its promises, it can only be called GARBAGE, hundreds, thousands of people asking for updating and the vernee does not give us any satisfaction, I really have to take it in the face, and learn to research better, by companies that consumers. VERNEE I leave my total repudiation, disgust of this garbage factory.

  3. ardyvb1 15/01/2018 at am6:54 - Reply

    Please an update to Android 7.0 ,and a new Android Safety patch,the current one is from juli 2016 !! You are still advertising for the Apollo with the promis to update to 7.0… This excellent phone deserves an update!

    • ardyvb1 29/01/2018 at am2:01 - Reply

      Why no response from the vernee team? No respect for your customers…
      If you read al this bad comments,don`t you think you should do something about it?
      If vernee was my company I should be very ashamed…

  4. Evan TR. 06/12/2017 at am1:52 - Reply

    Please, update this excellent smartfone to nougat, your other models have it allready.

  5. supergaga76 28/11/2017 at am6:08 - Reply

    phone is good , hardware impressive but no ROMs fully supports deca-core yet . Really need vernee OS asap . Phone idle drain battery very quick , no way for fix it .

  6. finterr 19/09/2017 at pm7:16 - Reply

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  7. valdemar.neves 09/09/2017 at pm7:25 - Reply

    I love this smartfone but i wish nougat was allready on it.

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