Vernee confirms that Apollo Lite will come with Sharp’s  IGZO screen


When Thor is still in hot sale, Vernee has started its plan to launch its high end smartphone – Apollo Lite. Not long before, Vernee officially released that Apollo Lite will support MediaTek Pump Express 3.0, which has surprised many of its followers. This time, one more important news leaked, Apollo Lite will adopt Sharp’s IGZO screen, which will bring higher quality of image, better touch experience and lower power consumption than ever.

“IGZO” is a crystal of elements that were considered difficult to crystalize: indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, and as such achieves a new atomic arrangement.


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This manufacturing secret makes for a unique crystalline structure that supports consistently stable performance. “IGZO” is therefore able to bring its unique capabilities, such as further enhanced picture resolution and compatibility with a growing number of display types, to the technology of tomorrow, for ever higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability.


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New strides in crystal technology with 20-50 times greater electron mobility rates


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Incredibly high resolution in beautiful, natural color, for an enhanced sense of “being there”


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Successfully and substantially reduces power required for still image display


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Touch panel operational improvements,and ultra-sensitivity


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