All screen, new vision. The Vernee MIX 2 presale at only $169.99!

Vernee MIX 2 is the world’s first 6.0” FHD+ (2160*1080) and Helio P25 all screen model. Now it officially starts the presale at only $169.99 at Gearbest, limited 3000 units. Here is the purchase link:

The Vernee MIX 2 has a very amazing appearance. With the 3 sides’ bezel-less design and 18:9 display scales, the Vernee MIX 2 delivers an unbounded vision. What’s more, the front and back glass design, dual cameras, Helio P25 Octa-core CPU, 4GB RAM, these powerful configurations are concerned by many customers.

The Vernee MIX 2 is using the 6.0” FHD+ super large customized screen with rounded corners, deliver a maximum unbounded vision. At the same time, it has real and stunning colors, and extremely delicate pictures. Thanks to the ultra-narrow frame, the screen ratio reached up to 93.07%, and brings you an immersive visual effect.

Thanks to the 18:9 display scales, the 6.0” big screen can perfectly fit in the 5.5” phone body. The customized 18:9 all screen blended in the phone body, and brings a comfortable hand hold feeling. The Vernee MIX 2 has really made a phone with big screen but small size.

The 18:9 all screen is the new standard of the phone screen size recently. Compared to the 16:9 and 17:9, the display area increased a lot and can fit in the small size phone body.

The smooth phone body, super slim metal frame and the front and back glass design, delivers an oneness and stunning MIX 2. 80% of the phone is covered with glass, highlight the excellent texture with a warm and soft hand hold feeling just like a jade.

The Vernee MIX 2 is the first model of Vernee carried with 13MP dual cameras. It is using SONY IMX 258, with F2.0 big aperture, wide-angle, double telephoto lenses and OIS. You can take very clear pictures even when taking a distant view. Also the background blurring is more natural, and prettier when shooting people.

The latest upgraded Helio P25 Octa-core processor reduced the power consumption to 25% compared to the last generation. The power consumption is super low but at the same time equipped with many powerful functions.

The Vernee MIX 2 is a very pretty all screen phone, at the same time it is a powerful monster. Supported by Helio P25, Octa-core processor and 4GB RAM, no more stuck when playing large games, operating multi-apps or online watching videos. The 18:9 all screen will bring a more broad vision and a more electrifying effect when playing games.

As an all screen phone, the battery capacity is very important for using experience. The Vernee MIX 2 has a 4200mAh big battery, at the same time it supports 9V/2A fast charging technology. Charge your phone anytime and get full energy and last longer.

he Vernee MIX 2 is using the VOS system based on the Android 7.0

Now you also have a chance to buy the Vernee MIX 2 at only $99.99. On the campaign page, it lists some main configurations of the Vernee MIX 2. Which one is your favorite? Join the campaign and share it and you will get the chance to buy the Vernee MIX 2 at only $99.99. More details please check the campaign page:

  1. AlwyN 10/12/2017 at pm6:10 - Reply

    Mediatek CLEARMOTION (ONE FETUREA OF MIRAVISION) not include, please include it in future update, those who are not familiar they can google it

  2. piovzan 08/12/2017 at am5:21 - Reply


  3. tuliosmk 08/12/2017 at am4:05 - Reply

    Estava em dúvida enter Vernee Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi max 2 e Umidigi S2. Optei pelo vernee mas já estou me arrependendo antes dele chegar. A camera é decepcionante e ainda a empresa está mentido sobre os sensores que utilizam? Isso é inacreditável.
    Sobre a bateria, como um aparelho com 4200mAh só faz 6h de tela? O Xiaomi Mi A1 com quase 900mAh a menos faz 6,5h de tela ( Mesmo sendo uma bateria de Li-Po, que tem melhor duração que a Li-ion. Entre outras coisas, design, espessura grossa, o aparelho contém bordas sim e muita. O Ookitel Mix 2 tem menos bordas que o Vernee. Decepcionado, não basta a demora pra chegar…

  4. Roman Shkuryn 07/12/2017 at pm5:29 - Reply

    Vernee active is the best phone for travel. I like it!

  5. Andrea Gonçalves dos Santos 06/12/2017 at am12:59 - Reply

    Isso é uma fraude, uma câmera que não é Sony e a segunda câmera não funciona? Sinto muito mas vou devolver o aparelho para a Gearbest….

    • tuliosmk 08/12/2017 at am3:55 - Reply

      Concordo, a camera é uma porcaria. Tem um review de um nubia com a mesma câmera e não se compara. Mesmo ambos tendo o mesmo sensor, o núbia se sobressai anos luz a frente. Sem falar na segunda câmera que não existe. Espero que libere alguma atualização que corrija.

  6. SlonSpb 29/11/2017 at pm6:22 - Reply

    Hi. Please, remove SONY IMX258 from ads! This is deceit! Vernee Mix2 based on OnSemi AR1335 sensor, which is worse than original, you can find a lot of images from this camera. Everybody claim for the refund. So pretty smartphone and so odd
    swindle. Why did you do it?

  7. Pedro Casquilho 29/11/2017 at am5:12 - Reply

    can you do software update that fix the low audio problem of the vernee Mix 2 ???
    Best regards,

  8. Wlad Klem 28/11/2017 at pm4:21 - Reply

    and if you look on Google account there the device is displayed as Xiaomi Mix 2. Softwear Developer could not decide who he works for. Banking app also do not work CTS profile match: false

  9. Wlad Klem 28/11/2017 at pm4:08 - Reply

    Hello community !!
    I have bought a Vernee Mix 2, looks very nice on pictures, technical data are also very good. BUT in one thing Vernee has cheated the customers the CAMERA there is no Sony module installed but OnSemi AR1335 and the second camera is not there at least is not found by various software or erkant, front camera is a GalaxyCore GC 5025 with 5.0MP and not like specified 8.0 MP. On my request at Vernee why is that so I’ve been waiting for 5 days for an answer but I think I will not get one but will most likely be blocked. If Vernee had a branch office in the EU (they closed again after my info) then they could sue in court for customer fraud. Then they would not have done that with the next model. I think the model with 6GB RAM is the same camera installed. Personally, I am currently clarifying with Gearbest if I can give the part back and buy me a reasonable device. But you must decide what you buy !!

  10. fffbhrinkow 25/11/2017 at pm9:22 - Reply

    I ordered the “Vernee Mix 2”. But now I heard bad things about the GPS-Signal. For more information i’ll be very pleaseful.

  11. juanforgas 21/11/2017 at pm6:50 - Reply

    it is a beautiful terminal, great luminosity,
    perfect to see my favorite series STAR-trek Discovery

    Will you be able to play the game DO0M3?

  12. Joern 20/11/2017 at pm2:20 - Reply

    Hi, please provide Vernee MIX 2 ROM for download. This is an interesting phone for custom ROM development.

  13. fredd792000 14/11/2017 at am10:32 - Reply

    pregunta levant lte o 4g en america

  14. rrvb59 11/11/2017 at am6:41 - Reply

    waht is this kind of forum? ,no anwers so no real support at all, a shame i just did order a vernee mix 2

  15. Laurentiu 05/11/2017 at pm6:54 - Reply

    Don`t be missleaded by photo from the manufacturer . They say – and they show in the pictures – borderless display , in reallity the side borders are thick and the third one, from the the top , is real thick , in photos with the phone almost don`t exist but in reallity is there and is THICK. I think all the photos with the phone are only computer generated , no real photos. And another thing i don`t like is the thickness of the phone, too thick for me , in this years of thiner and thiner phones Vernee Mix 2 looks like a brick. Another disapointed thing is poor quality camera.

  16. Andreas 05/11/2017 at pm6:45 - Reply

    Where is the winners’ list ?
    You said that you would give the winners list before October 30th.

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