Vernee Apollo Leaks: worldwide first all-metal smartphone with 2mm thick titanium alloy back cover


With the release of Meizu Pro 6, “all-metal” smartphones become popular again all over the world.
Due to the popularity of metal design in smartphones, most flagships and even mid-range ones now sport this feature. However, rare smartphones are able to take full advantage of the “all-metal” technology.

As the first flagship of Vernee to come, Apollo has great performance not only in hardware, but also in the appearance and workmanship.



According to vernee official news, Apollo will be the only smartphone around the world which adopts 2mm thick titanium alloy back cover. And its hardness is 2-3 times higher than that of common metal back cover.

What’s really amazing is the technology behind the metal cover. From the pictures released, we can see that Apollo sports complicated and accurate cutting technology and powerful internal integration capacity.
The leakage of Apollo’s metal back cover will definitely surprises its followers who stay tuned all the time.






So far, Vernee mid-range smartphone Thor is in presale stage now, and the shipment will be arranged by the end of this month. As for Apollo and Apollo Lite, they will come into the market later.

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