All metal body with front pressure fingerprint Thor Plus, the innovator of big battery with energy and pretty appearance

In recent years, the Smartphone market is extremely competitive. In order to control the costs, the Smartphone manufacturers more emphasis on the hardware features, but simplified a lot on appearance design and produced “not very pretty Smartphones”. It is either with dull design, or with single color, regardless the customers’ using experience. Vernee, the new Smartphone brand set up in 2016, has released a new model, the Thor Plus, to combine the big battery and beautiful appearance. It is rare in the market.

The Thor Plus is equipped with 64 bit Octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and 7.9mm visual thickness and 6200mAh big battery. It is said that the price is only $149.99. The Vernee Thor Plus is not only with great configuration, but also a low price and amazing design.

The Thor Plus has a fine all-metal phone body, with a fashionable design. People will love it at the first sight. It is using the 5.5” Super Amoled screen which the flagship phones will use it, to deliver a more stunning screen with vivid color. With the 2.5D curve screen, to improve the visual effect of the screen and the phone body. The metal back case with curve line and sand-blasting craft, present an only 7.9mm slim visual effect. The imitation ergonomic arc appearance will give you a great holding feeling. Combined with the metal back case and the sandblasting process, the phone body looks full of texture.

The Thor Plus has launched two classic colors, the elegant black and champagne gold. Also put the pressure fingerprint at the front, gently press it and unlock the phone in 0.1 second. Coming with the Super Amoled screen, the screen is very pretty when it is off. From the customers’ point of view, the Thor Plus has did a beautiful design at any side, and a young exclusive own style.
The Vernee Thor Plus combined the big battery and pretty appearance design perfectly. As the innovator of big battery, it dose not only provide a big 6200mAh battery, but also designed an amazing appearance. Is it the big battery Smartphone you want to buy?

  1. Abhishek Pawar 03/12/2017 at pm7:01 - Reply

    Phone need update there is issue with display randomly went dark and appears after some time please address this issue and fix it.

  2. karellukas.junior 26/10/2017 at am12:13 - Reply

    the rear camera is too dark after the update, i cannot use it, how can i fix it?

  3. Lucas 23/10/2017 at am7:23 - Reply

    Vernee Thor plus rear camera is too dark!

  4. stefan 20/10/2017 at pm11:01 - Reply

    The display of ther vernee thor plus is broken. Who sells displays?

  5. Vados 20/10/2017 at pm9:14 - Reply

    Vernee Thor Plus has 5800mAh battery!
    Last septembers update “broked” front camera – all images are very dark!

  6. claudio pereira 20/10/2017 at am8:48 - Reply

    the thor plus microphone does not work. how to fix it?

  7. AnnDanVan 23/09/2017 at am9:39 - Reply

    Приветики мальчики и девочки. А как интересно Вы
    проводите своё свободное время?

  8. silvaedino 27/08/2017 at am4:33 - Reply

    If possible in the next update could add a player of videos and music and a gallery for the photos that would improve the performance and the experience with the device thanks for the attention

  9. silvaedino 27/08/2017 at am4:21 - Reply

    Se possível na próxima atualização se colocarem um reprodutor de video e música e um galeria ajudaria o desempenho do meu Vernee Thor E

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