A real rugged phone, a very pretty phone. Vernee Active, the annual best rugged phone

If you check Vernee official website, you will see that recently Vernee has updated a new page of the Vernee Active. It shows the two different forms of Vernee Active, be professional, be wild.

The Vernee Active is a new kind of rugged phone. It dose not have a thick and heavy phone body like the traditional rugged phone, ugly design or a lower configuration. But coming with a more fashionable and pretty appearance design, flagship level configuration and at the same time has the powerful performance of waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance. In you daily life, it can be a gentle and reliable Smartphone. When you are at outdoor or adventuring, it also can be powerful and wild.

The Vernee Active has fit a 5.5” 3D JDI incell screen (1920*1080) in the 5.0” slim and light phone body. It means that, even though it is a rugged phone, when you hold it in your hand, you will feel it like a normal phone. Also it is easy to carry it in one hand. The Vernee Active is not a heavy, thick and big traditional rugged phone.

The configuration of Vernee Active is very amazing. It equipped with Helio P25 Octa-core processor and 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM big storage, type C connector, NFC technology, fingerprint sensor at the back, and support the 6 mode 28 bands global network. You can use the 4G network and calling in most of the countries. What’s more, the Vernee Active has a 4200mAh big battery, it can last for 3 days when normal using. Together with the 9V/2A fast charging technology, the Active can be full charged in 2.5 hours.

What of concern is, we can see the rugged functions of the Vernee Active from the new campaign page. The Vernee Active is rated at IP68, the highest waterproof level so far. Based on the powerful rugged functions, the Vernee Active has made a beautiful appearance after several times adjust the structure of the phone body and the design.
From the official pictures online, we could see the waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance testing functions of Vernee Active. The Active can stay in 1.5 meters deep water and works for 30 minutes. The excellent sealing treatment can prevent the dust from coming inside and reach 99% dustproof. The Vernee Active can work perfectly even in a muddy environment. The back case is using Kevlar military material. It is very strong and has powerful repair ability. Added the strong protection at the corners, the Vernee Active has increased the ability of drop resistance.

It seems like, the Vernee Active is not only chase the beautiful appearance, but also enhance the protection ability on waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance. It is innovation and breakthrough. It is really a beautiful rugged phone.

Now on Vernee official website, you can join the new campaign. Leave a comment about when do you think you will need a Vernee Active. You will have chance to win free Vernee Active and also the $500 travel fee to support you to take outdoor adventure with the Vernee Active. More information about the campaign please check Vernee official website: http://www.vernee.cc/ Also you can pre-order now at Vernee official Aliexpress store: https://goo.gl/bwaJkU

  1. Gabriel Weldon 28/04/2018 at am11:40 - Reply

    I just bought the Active and there were no updates from 7.0. I disabled all google stuff as I don’t need nor use google. I need a proper rom image file however just in case. It can be rooted supposedly but I have not tried. The camera is really only good if the subject is close.

  2. javier herrera gomez 05/02/2018 at pm10:09 - Reply

    Trabajo en el campo a veces, expuesto al agua, al polvo y al lodo, puesto que trabajo en jardineria, y me gustaria grandemente un telefono asi que resista ese tipo de condiciones climaticas

  3. frederic leger 31/01/2018 at pm3:18 - Reply

    Well, Active is a really nice rugged phone, but from the first start this one was bugging on usual update mode and since that phone is bricked. Support doesn’t answer and nothing to do for restart the device.
    No official rom to restore….
    Maybe they will upload in support place complete official rom to restore this….
    However i will buy another one because it’s a real good deal this phone

  4. jetbassols 30/01/2018 at am2:38 - Reply

    I’ve had an Apollo Lite and I am very happy with it. Now my wife and my son need a new phone, but Apollo Lite is a model too delicate for those phone killer. 😱
    I am sure that Vernee Active is the phone that will support their rhythm of life, for this reason I would like to win the contest organized by Vernee, so I can try it and then buy another one.
    May the good luck touch me 🍀🙌

  5. Mark 23/01/2018 at am3:35 - Reply

    Hello, I will buy phone vernee active. After update phone, will not turn on 🙁 please help!! and add software for vernee active??

  6. Carl B 20/01/2018 at am2:57 - Reply

    I have purchased this phone due to its rugged claims, stunning looks and alleged hardware.I work out doors in all weather. I really hope this lives up to it’s claims.
    On paper alone the Vernee Active should be an amazing piece of kit. the only negative so far would be the camera but if it is as the say using Sony components at 13mp it should be good enough. What could be better than one Vernee active but two winning a second phone would be awesome

  7. Mark 13/01/2018 at am1:57 - Reply

    Let’s wait for first unbiased reviews on YouTube!

  8. Peter 05/01/2018 at am4:39 - Reply

    Hello. To repair the equipment at work, I have to observe the rapidly occurring processes standing near the splash of water. Now for accelerated shooting, I use a phone with the ability to slow down the footage in 8 times. This video is not sufficiently sharp. I’ve heard that devices based on the helio processor can record fullhd video at a rate of 480 frames per second. Does Vernee Active have this ability?

  9. jp 02/01/2018 at pm5:35 - Reply

    il me faut un téléphone tous terrain ” terre /mer “, ” robuste / autonome” pour le boulot je suis en milieux rural et intervient sur des machine agricole et travaux public, capable de prendre des photos de qualité pendent une intervention, de recevoir du réseaux partout ou je me trouve, compatible avec tous les opérateurs français . mais après le travail il y a la détente, aussi, quand je sort, il doit avoir un design fluide / discret .
    bref: un compagnon a la James bond …..
    mais : 1 question ; ..il semble qu’il lui manque une bande la b28 est-ce que ça va être résolu ??

  10. philljames 17/12/2017 at pm6:25 - Reply

    I registered for the chance of the free active, and got a email back from Varnee ( not Vernee ) to click to accept the registration. I’ve deleted the mail, but was wondering if anyone else has received it. It looks like a scam mail to me. I hope Vernee picks up this post.

    • Panterik 13/01/2018 at pm7:14 - Reply

      Очень симпатичный телефон, хотел бы себе такой! И с виду не бросается в глаза, как у других моделей сразу видно броня.

  11. santosh.vaishya 17/12/2017 at pm1:06 - Reply

    Best phone with best requirement as per today world. Keep going vernee

  12. andrew 17/12/2017 at am5:10 - Reply

    This phone is absolutely gorgeous!!! And with that level of Rugged durability is unheard of. I am absolutely in love with it.

  13. Dimka 15/12/2017 at pm7:57 - Reply

    What exact IMX camera module is used in this awesome smartphone?

  14. Victor GriVA 15/12/2017 at pm2:18 - Reply

    Hello! I’m doing an a climbing and a I would like to have a fully protected smartphone which just perfect for everyday use!

  15. volodia.gapiencko 14/12/2017 at am1:39 - Reply

    Vernee Active for active people. No matter where you are: the extreme north, hot desert or rainy rainforest, this smartphone will not let you down. With the Vernee Active I will continue to travel the world on my bike. Thank you for your attention, greetings from Russia.

  16. Florian Zöchling 13/12/2017 at am12:05 - Reply

    bekommt es Android 8.0

  17. divanshi 12/12/2017 at pm2:05 - Reply

    I wonder when Vernee produces their own signature phone. In terms of
    rugged phone, I supports NOMU as always for its truly excellent rugged
    Not bad in terms of the hardware configuration, but I’m not exactly sure
    about this phone for its professionalism, as this is the first rugged
    phone Vernee made. I think I would prefer to use T18 from NOMU, after
    all it produces rugged phone for a long time.

  18. staskabatky 07/12/2017 at pm9:30 - Reply

    Wow, I’ve never seen such phones! It’s even better than the “apple” campaign. I’m very much afraid for the fall of my smartphone, so I would like to have this armored smartphone “Vernee Active”. If I have such a smartphone, I can travel, go to the sea without fear that he will get wet and break…

  19. staskabatky 07/12/2017 at pm9:29 - Reply

    Wow, I’ve never seen such phones! It’s even better than the “apple” campaign. I’m very much afraid for the fall of my smartphone, so I would like to have this armored smartphone “Vernee Active”. If I have such a smartphone, I can travel, go to the sea without fear that he will get wet and break

  20. staskabatky 07/12/2017 at pm9:28 - Reply

    Вау, я никогда не видел таких телефонов! Это даже лучше, чем «яблочная» кампания. Я очень боюсь за падение моего смартфона, поэтому я хотел бы иметь этот бронированный смартфон «Vernee Active». Если у меня есть такой смартфон, я могу путешествовать, идти в море, не опасаясь, что он промокнет и сломается.

  21. staskabatky 07/12/2017 at pm9:22 - Reply

    Wow, I’ve never seen such phones! It’s even better than the “apple” campaign. I’m very afraid of dropping my phone, so I would like to buy this armored smartphone “Vernee Active”. If I have such a smartphone, I can travel, go to the sea without fear that he will get wet and break.

  22. kompteko 07/12/2017 at pm6:25 - Reply

    hello I’m doing an extreme sport (MTB FR, DH) and a lot of traveling I would like to have a fully protected smartphone

  23. vorosattila1 07/12/2017 at pm5:40 - Reply

    hey, I currently own a mix2 and love it all around, but since I work in an industrial area, I am very worried dropping or damaging my phone. An Active would be just perfect for everyday use and going countryside with my dogs as well. I hope I get chosen for the givaway… 🙂

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