10 Tips for Android Smartphone Users

1.If you are not a smartphone geek, then there is no need to install too many apps. For daily use, it will be much better to install only necessary apps. Extra useless apps make the operation pretty slow, especially for the smartphone with very limited memory.
1-too many Apps

2.When your smartphone is filled with to many apps, you should uninstall the ones you seldom use to free up some memory to ensure the smooth operation.
2-uninstall apps

3.When we need to quit an app, you’d better choose the exit option rather than touch the home button because when you touch the home button, the app is not ended actually, and therefore still consuming memory and power.
3 - Quit the APP

4.You can use task management function to end some background progress, further to free up the memory and enhance the speed.
4 - cleanupmemory

5.If your phone doesn’t sport great configuration, you’re not advised to use live wallpapers.
5 - live wallpaper

6. Clean the cache files periodically to free up memory. It is suggested that you install an app like Android Master to help you get this done.
6 - Android-clear-system-cache

7.If you don’t frequently use the functions like Bluetooth, WiFi, Sync and GPS, you might as well turn them off. By doing so you can earn longer battery life.
7 - turn off WiFi, bluetooth

8.Manage the startup apps. Take a look at the startup list, and prohibit the ones if you don’t need to use when your phone starts up.
8 - control-startup-apps-on-android

9.If you don’t know smartphone pretty well, you should not install some advanced apps like the ones requiring root authority. These apps can change the systematic settings thus may lead to some unknown problems.
9 - apps-requires-rooting

10.When there is something wrong with your phone, or your smartphone runs slower and slower after long time usage, you can choose to restore your device to factory defaults. Please note that before restoring, you need to backup the important materials.
10 - factory data reset

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